Friday, July 29, 2016

Not to Make a Nazi Comparison But

What are you gonna do when the similarities are so striking?

A school district is forcing trans students to wear green wrist bands so that staff members and security guards can identify them on sight and make sure they're not doing something horrible like using the bathroom that doesn't make them feel unsafe and dysphoric.

When was another time that a marginalized population was made to wear identifying markers? OH YEAH.

Fuck all of that. Not only does that constantly out trans kids, it's basically like wearing a sign that says "stigmatize and harass me." All because of one trans boy who's just trying to survive high school.

How fucking bigoted and ridiculous and horrible and pathetic do you have to be to target a single kid for systematic harassment from the school staff just because he was labeled female at birth and disagrees. He's a kid who just wants to use the boy's bathroom and hang out with the other boys on school trips. And you make him wear an arm band?

This is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. The link leads to a petition to tell the school district to fucking stop. The kid is also suing the district for all the shit he's been put through, so good for him.

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