Thursday, July 7, 2016

Make It Stop

Police. Stop killing black men. Stop killing black men. STOP KILLING BLACK MEN.

Stop killing black women and black girls and black boys. Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop.

What will it take for things to change in this country? How many innocent black people need to be blatantly murdered and executed in the streets?

We have to utterly change our police system. We have to demand it. Abolish the system that makes it almost impossible to indict, let alone convict a police officer of wrongdoing. Abolish the system that encourages racist white men craving power and the ability to do harm with impunity to apply. Make it so racists and bullies and murderers can't pass the psych exam. Make sure every murderer cop is put away for life.

How do we make that happen? Demand it.

Fellow white people, this is what we need to do. Stop letting blood harden on your hands because it's easier than doing something.

I'm going to look into creating some kind of local organization in my city. It has to start at a local level. It has to be about this. People are dying now.

For Alton Sterling. For Philando Castile. Make it stop.

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