Friday, July 29, 2016

How I Feel About Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech

Honestly, I feel cheated. She didn't say anything I didn't expect her to say or leave out anything I didn't expect her to leave out. But I feel cheated. I should have felt elated, inspired, like I was witnessing a glorious moment in history (more like herstory amirite), an uplifting and empowering moment for women across the nation. It should have been wonderful.

But it wasn't. Because Hillary Clinton is an imperialist, an upholder of global white supremacy, a defender of the wealthy and a part of the military industrial complex. She is the epitome of white cishet feminism. So all I felt was disappointment at what could have been. The first female presidential candidate for a major party could have been someone great. At least an Elizabeth Warren. Maybe a woman of color! And if Bernie had won the nomination, perhaps if all of the primary votes for him had been counted instead of millions being left out, we could have had that incredible moment.


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