Friday, July 15, 2016

Donate to Victim of Bizarre MRA Obsessiveness

If you're a feminist at all, or an ally, or have come up against MRA ridiculousness, you may have heard of Chanty Binx, commonly referred to by MRAs as "red" or "Big Red." They've been obsessed with this woman for years because they accosted her on the street while she was with a feminist group protesting a gathering of MRA shitbags in Canada. The MRAs recorded her without her permission, spouted some standard MRA bullshit, and then wouldn't shut up for two seconds so that she could respond. She became angry, because who wouldn't, and dared to raise her voice to be heard.

For this crime, and I guess for having her hair dyed red, she's been systematically harassed by MRAs for years in a kind of obsessive behavior typically reserved for TV villains on the creepy serial killer shows that are so popular these days. This of course comes with thousands of rape and deaths threats, doxxing, and zero help from the police.

Most recently, an MRA who is also a neo-nazi posted a screenshot of her from a security camera in a convenience store that he works in. This is creepy beyond all reason and he should definitely be fired for this, but I would literally be afraid for her life if he was.

Why he did this after so many years is baffling, at least to average people, but the thing about stalker/murdered type obsessions is that they tend to never end. All she did there was buy a bottle of wine and leave.

Because the police are completely unhelpful when it comes to online threats (unless they're against police), she's hiring a lawyer and needs legal funds. I plan to donate when my next check comes, and if you have any spare cash and love giving the finger to MRAs, this is a great way to do it!

Here's a link to her GoFundMe page. Go get em, lady!

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