Monday, July 11, 2016

Cops Keep Arresting People Who Post Videos of Brutality

Seriously, pretty much every time a civilian films an incident of deadly police brutality resulting in some poor person of color becoming a hashtag, the filmer eventually ends up being arrested on some bogus charges. Some end up convicted and are now facing years of prison time.

The latest is the man who filmed the two white officers responsible for the brutal murder of Alton Sterling.

Police Arrest Man Who Posted Video of Alton Sterling’s Death

This is such a clear case of retaliation, it's ridiculous.

The very next day, while trying to get through a security checkpoint to go to his job as an aerospace ground equipment technician at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, LeDay was surrounded and detained by ten military police officers, some of whom carried M-16 rifles. 
The military officers allegedly told him that he was wanted for assault and battery before hauling him to a back room where he was handcuffed and leg-shackled. He was then taken to Dekalb County Jail by local Dunwoody police. 
When he arrived, the warrant for his arrest mentioned nothing about an assault and battery charge. “It was just over some traffic tickets from a couple of years ago,” LeDay said. “They said my license was suspended.” 
LeDay wound up being forced to spend 26 hours in a jail cell, only being released after paying $1,231 in traffic fines. He admitted to not paying the tickets and allowing his license to be suspended, because he did not have the money at the time and no longer drives.

The fact that he was released makes this a much happier story than the others. Still, it's completely disgusting that this happened and that they lied about the assault and battery charges. Apparently, charges like that could have gotten him fired from his job immediately, but LeDay's boss found out it was about unpaid traffic tickets. For which they brought 10 military cops and assault rifles.

On top of this, the man who filmed the murder of Eric Garner could be heading to prison for four years as he recently decided to take a plea deal on yet another criminal charge he's been brought up on since the incident. This was the same guy who said he found rat poison in the food given to him at Rikers. He might not survive this time.

If you want more, just Google something like "man who filmed police brutality arrested." You'll see many more examples.

This is the world we live in. This is a thing that happens all the time. The police get away with this because the system is made so that police can get away with anything. They can do anything they want to us and there's very little chance that they'll face consequences, especially if the person they fucked over or raped or murdered is a person of color or mentally ill or disabled or autistic or otherwise marginalized.

This is one of the things we need to be fighting at all costs, but the news barely reports on it.

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