Monday, July 11, 2016

Cops Created the "War on Cops"

In the past couple days, assholes like conservative pundits, possible Trump campaign staff members, and police union heads have been spreading violent rhetoric about some "war on cops." It's completely typical that as soon as a violently oppressive force experiences any kind of violent backlash, it's called a "war." There's no war on black and Latinx people committed by the cops no matter how many they kill, but a couple cops get shot and there's a war on cops. Ha.

Nevermind the fact that a person's race can't be changed while cops sign up to be cops, fully aware that danger is part of the job.

Cops are the ones committing the violence. Cops are the ones protecting their fellow cops when they murder and commit other atrocities. Cops are the ones fucking over the few good cops who blow the whistle on corruption and killer cops. Cops are the ones who fought for and molded a system that makes it nearly impossible to convict or even indict killer cops. Cops are the ones failing to keep bullies, assholes, predators, and racists out of their forces.

Cops are the ones pushing the "war on cops" narrative that will only increase violence against people of color, particularly black men, and therefore increase resentment against them. Cops are the ones who created a mass feeling of distrust and resentment against cops in the first place. Cops are the ones supporting all of this. Cops are the ones refusing to stand up against police brutality. Cops are the ones wearing riot gear to peaceful protests. Cops are the ones who escalate at protests.

Cops have been waging a war on U.S. citizens, especially marginalized ones, for decades. They started the violence. Fighting back in self defense is not starting a war.

If cops don't want violence, they should stop participating in the violent system that cops created.

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