Friday, July 1, 2016

Consider Not Lighting Off Fireworks


This is your yearly reminder that combat veterans and other people with PTSD exist and live in the world, including on the 4th of July. I know we U.S. Americans love exploding things and bright lights, but consider that the air pollution, litter, fire hazards, and triggering of people traumatized by our military industrial complex may not be worth it.

And if you can't manage to garner up some sympathy for mentally ill human beings, dogs are scared by the loud noises, too.

If you have to do something, sparklers and throwing pop-its at your friends are the best parts, anyway. Or you could just get really, really drunk!

But seriously, it's messed up that yet again our so-called "American values" once again fuck over veterans. The people that we're supposed to be so grateful to because probably they thought they were protecting the country by invading other countries. We can't take care of them emotionally or financially and we celebrate our Independence Day by giving them flashbacks of when they were pretty sure they were gonna die.

You could at least just go and watch one of those city-sponsored fireworks shows that veterans can avoid. There are plenty of options for not triggering veterans. Consider celebrating the 4th that way. Thanks.

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