Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Conservatives Utterly Baffled By Concept of Bathroom


This may be the funniest thing that's happened during this entire eight-year election season.

The question here is whether Ms. Westwood is similarly confused by her bathroom at home, seeing as home bathrooms are typically all-gender bathrooms.

It just gets more ridiculous the further you get into the details. Westwood later said she was concerned because she wanted to pump breast milk. Apparently she was also baffled by the two lactation suites available in the convention center and by the concept of bathroom stalls. And by every other bathroom in the entire convention center that was traditionally gender segregated.

Maybe I can help conservatives and other transphobes figure this out. It's a bathroom. You go in. Use a urinal for pee if you have a penis and you want to use a urinal for pee. Use a stall in every other situation. Wash your hands. Then leave.

You're welcome.

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