Thursday, July 7, 2016


Delrawn Small. Murdered by an off-duty police officer during a road rage fight.

Mourners call for justice for Delrawn Small, man killed by off-duty police officer: ‘When is it going to stop?’

I don't care if Small started throwing punches during the fight. White people get into fist fights all the time. The officer was off duty. Small had no way of knowing that he was a cop. And even if he did, why doesn't being a cop get you a 24/7 licence to kill for any reason you want? He could have driven away. But our culture lets cops get away with literal murder and cops know it, they know that they can commit literal murder in broad daylight whether they're in uniform or not and nothing will happen to them.

Small was unarmed. But if he had been the one with the gun and had shot this officer in his street clothes three times, killing him, he'd be going to prison for life if not getting the death penalty. If he'd killed anyone in a fight, he never would have been able to claim he was standing his ground or defending himself. He'd be in prison.

Things are not getting better. They're getting worse every year, and people fret over what will happen to these poor police officers but nothing happens to them. They don't even feel threatened by the body cams that they turn off or throw away, they're not scared of the increased public scrutiny. If they were, then things would be getting better, but they're getting worse.

Make. It. Stop.

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