Monday, July 25, 2016

Activism Opportunities

A million things happened while I was on vacation, of course. A cop shot a black man laying on the ground with his hands up apparently because he meant to shoot a seated autistic kid and missed. They found out that the Democratic primaries totally were rigged. Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. The Republican National Convention.

You've probably heard about all that. Instead of dwelling on how this country is circling the drain, I thought I'd share all the nice ways you can help out. Before it all goes down in flames.


This is an amazing website made so that white people can directly help black people. Of course we can never really make up for what we did to them, unless we give up all our property and money to them, let them drag us to Africa, and enslave us for hundreds of years, and our white supremacist government will probably never even give black people any money, but this is something.

You can offer your talents and services! I plan to sign up today to offer help writing cover letters. There are many categories. Think about it, fellow whites.

Native American Language Program

This is a GoFundMe to raise money for a program to teach Native kids Indigenous languages that are in danger of disappearing. Language is incredibly important to culture. Happily, since I first saw this, the program has already passed its fundraising goal. But they can always use more! This is perfect for us whites with more money than time.

White Nonsense Roundup

This is another program by white people for telling white people to shut up. It was started by two white ladies in Washington state and consists of videos that explain what black people find themselves having to constantly explain to us whiteys and encourage us all to challenge our racist relatives and friends. They also offer their services to people of color who are having trouble with whites. They can simply tag WNR and they'll come in to deal with the white nonsense.

Let’s walk through an example: some dude decides to respond to your posts with #AllLivesMatter for the 900th time. On Facebook, tag the page “White Nonsense Roundup” and connect us to the chat where this is happening. We will share essays, graphics, research, news articles, and personal examples to take apart their arguments. We are also happy to give praise for those folks taking action and trying to do the right thing, so you’re not stuck handing out cookies. You can also find us on Twitter @nowhitenonsense, or email us at We look forward to supporting you and helping dismantle systemic racism!

I checked out responses from people of color to this idea, and the overwhelming response is that this is how you ally! And they're looking for volunteers! As someone who has a problem with arguing with bigots on the Internet, I can't wait to feed my addiction for the greater good.

If we all work together, maybe some of us can survive the inevitable end! Whee!

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