Monday, June 27, 2016

"What Rape Culture?"

Nothing like hearing about rape culture in my own home.

50 Seattle rape, sex-abuse cases stalled for years on detective’s desk

Her case is one of at least 50 that languished for years on the desk of Detective Leslie Smith, a backlog that came to light only after Smith was promoted to sergeant in early 2015 and transferred out of the department’s Sexual Assault & Child Abuse Unit (SAU). 
Smith, 58, is a 17-year veteran who is now a sergeant in the department’s Office of Professional Accountability (OPA), which investigates officers accused of misconduct. She did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Why in the FUCK would you try to specialize in sexual assault and abuse if you don't even want to pursue these cases? Is it your goal in life to fuck over victims? And is there no oversight in any fucking police department?

Police have blamed systemic problems and staffing issues in the Sexual Assault Unit for the backlog. But the 28-year-old woman who says she was raped by her boss said it felt like Smith blamed her for the assault and sided with her alleged assailant. 
The woman said the investigation into her case came to a screeching halt after someone in the police department — she believes it was Smith — told her evidence from her “rape kit” had been lost. She learned earlier this year, after another detective had taken over the case, that wasn’t true.

Sounds to me like another victim of rape culture myths that perpetuate the idea of women lying about being raped. The case of the 28-year-old woman raped by her boss included three witnesses who are fucking police officers. Easiest case ever, right? Not if you're a happy part of rape culture.

This officer not only refuses to pursue 50 cases of rape, she actively suppressed evidence and interfered with justice. She should be arrested and charged. For all these years, rapists have been allowed to go free, very likely raping other women. All thanks to Leslie Smith.

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