Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Victory for Trans People in Pakistan


This post is dedicated to all the Islamophobes recently trying to tell me that Islam is backwards and bigoted.

Muslim clerics declare trans marriages allowed under Islamic law

This declaration is by no means even close to perfect. It still defines gender by physical characteristics and specifically denies intersex people the right to marry. And of course, same-sex marriage is still forbidden. At the same time, this fatwa does more to recognize the existence and rights of trans people than most Christian organizations or the U.S. federal government ever has. It's not just limited to marriage, either.

According to a copy of a religious edict obtained on Monday by Reuters, the fatwa also says they can be buried in Muslim ceremonies and have full rights under Islamic inheritance law. 
Though the fatwa is not legally binding, it also recommended that people consider harassment of transgender people a crime under Islam. 
“Making noises at transgender people, making fun of them, teasing them, or thinking of them as inferior is against sharia law. 
“Such an act amounts to objecting to one of Allah’s creations, which is not correct,” the document added.

Sharia law don't seem so bad now.

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