Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts On Trump vs. Clinton

I've been feeling rather conflicted on the dilemma that's now set before us. Bernie is not going to get the nomination unless something completely radical happens. I'd like that, but it's very unlikely.

I get the people saying that voting for Hillary is just participating in a rigged system designed to maintain the status quo of murderous imperialism and oppression. I also get the people saying that Trump will be worse. I see a lot of people saying that Hillary will be the same as Trump, but that's not true. Donald Trump is unlikely to veto the guaranteed attempt to repeal Obamacare should he become president. Hillary is very likely to continue to veto these attempts. Trump may well take away hard earned rights for LGBTQAIP+ people, while Hillary would not.

The fact is that I know quite a few people who could be severely negatively impacted by a Trump presidency. That scares me.

Then again, we all know about Hillary's imperialist foreign policy. Her record is terrifying. And the fact is that we can't know what Trump would do in terms of foreign policy as president because he's not a politician and nothing he says can really be trusted. It's pretty obvious that he's just saying whatever necessary to become president. Actually, any of his policies once he's in the White House are a mystery. He'll probably fucking things up and do terrible shit, but there are no guarantees. Hillary, on the other hand, has a clear track record at least when it comes to invading, disrupting, and bombing countries full of people of color.

Am I a case of wanting to protect those close to me at the expense of people who happen to be far away? Yeah, probably. But neither can we deny the fact that we don't know if Trump will be better or worse in terms of foreign policy. I can make a reasonable assumption that Hillary will be more effective at installing dictators and orchestrating bombing campaigns or what have you.

I feel like the real choice is between an incompetent power-hungry bigot and a highly competent power-hungry imperialist. And I'm feeling more than even that our two-party system is rigged and frighteningly terrible. That having to choose between these two types of movie villains for president is ridiculous in the extreme. And I'm beginning to understand why so many people refuse to participate at all.

People will be harmed no matter who wins the Presidency if it does come down to Trump vs. Clinton. And by harmed, I mean killed. Murdered. And I really don't want to be a part of deciding who lives and who dies. That's some god-playing that I've never wanted to be involved in, ever. Lucky for me, in my very blue state, my vote doesn't really matter in the presidential election. I may decide to only vote in local elections this year. I might vote for Jill Stein.

What I will do is keep working for real change. Radical change. I'll never say that Democrats and Republicans are the same, but both parties do suck and I want them both gone or radically changed. I want more than two parties. And I want real socialism.

Honestly Jill Stein is more of a socialist than "Democratic Socialist" Sanders and everything about her platform is great. I may end up coming out in support of her, but my thoughts are clearly still forming on the matter. Anyway. Yeah. To be continued. Feel free to share thoughts in the comments. Etc.

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