Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This is Some Sexist Bullshit

The first girl even to win an Ohio state masonry competition (apparently this is a thing) has conveniently been barred from competing in the national competition because the judges made some soft of oops that the organization won't explain.

Ohio girl wins statewide masonry contest — but third-place boy will take her place in national event

The superintendent for Scioto County Career Technical Center, where Clifford just completed her junior year, asked officials with SkillsUSA for an explanation but was given only a vague response. 
“The scores were inappropriately put in,” an official told the superintendent. 
The 17-year-old Clifford won the masonry competition in late April by 72 points — a substantial difference — and her instructor said Clifford’s column was outstanding.

Sounds suspicious as fuck to me.

One commenter says that in similar academic competitions, if there's a mistake made by the judges like that, they send both of the kids to the nationals. Another says that kids who make it to nationals get "fantastic job offers." So they're screwing the first girl even to overcome sexism and get first prize in masonry not only out of her title, but out of a better future.

Regardless, I have a hard time believing that there was a math oops if Clifford was so far ahead, especially when nobody is bother to explain how it happened. I have a feeling third place boy's daddy had something to do with this.

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