Monday, June 27, 2016

This is Scary


Reports of hate crimes and open bigotry have spiked in the U.K. after Brexit. And people are coming forward to say that it wasn't a great place for people who are or simply look like "foreigners" before Brexit, either.

The white nationalism and xenophobia is, frankly, completely terrifying. I feel like at this point people are so afraid of seeming cliche by comparing things to Nazism, so let me do it for you. This is the same kind of crap you saw in Europe leading up to the rise of the Third fuckity Reich. That is not an exaggeration.

Sexist and racist slurs plus photos of injuries including blood at the link:

Shocking Reports of Hate Crimes Across England Evoke Nightmares of 1930s Germany

The official group that financed Brexit, Vote Leave, deliberately inflamed the racial tensions between white and nonwhite British citizens during the referendum campaign, indulging in scare tactics that spun narratives of dirty immigrants ruining the country. 
The consequences of antagonizing these racial tensions seem to have exploded into a more hostile Britain — a Britain that has emboldened racists who now feel like their volcanic hatred has been validated by the country’s recent anti-immigration victory.


I'm not sure whether to say that people never learn or that people do learn and don't care if they spark the rise of fascism again. At the link, you can see examples of the horrible things people have been doing and saying, including a story of two men, father and son, who were brutally attacked and beaten on the street.

To make things even scarier, we've got Trump here in the U.S., stirring up racism and Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment across the pond. Honestly, if you're not terrified, you're either not paying attention or have retreated into a comfortable denial. I don't know what to do about it at this point. I'm scared for the people in the U.K. who are being targeted. I guess I can say that my fellow white people need to do our best to stand up to racism and xenophobia wherever we encounter it.

Maybe stock your attics with food or build other hiding places in your homes.

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