Friday, June 17, 2016

This is How You Ally

Can everyone please follow the fine example of this white man?

Meanwhile, in Canada: a Cabinet minister just resigned to give his job to a woman

On Monday, Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ted McMeekin announced he was stepping down from his post to do his part in achieving "gender parity in [Wynne's] next Cabinet." Rumors of a cabinet shake-up began a few weeks ago, when a source told the Globe and Mail that the premier wanted to have her staffers be less "old, tired and grey." 
In a Facebook post announcing his resignation, McMeekin attributed his decision to Trudeau's plan for a gender-equal government. "Like our Prime Minister, I’ve never been afraid to call myself a feminist. In fact, I’ve always been proud of being an honourary member of the Women’s Caucus, and working for equality," he wrote. "But sometimes the best way for a man to advance the equality of women may be to step back and make room at the table."

This is the best news of the month, hands down. Not that there's much competition in terms of good news.

Please please please more of this. Actually, if we really want equality, all men in politics should step down and stay out of government for a couple hundred years. This is what egalitarians should be fighting for.

Let's go. I want to see all men out of government by the end of the month. Chop chop.

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