Friday, June 10, 2016

Serena Williams is Everything


Serena Williams Is Fed Up With Your Sexist Questions and Backhanded Compliments, Men

She made a video with Glamour in which she's just spiking tennis balls at a guy in full attack-dog-training armor saying sexist shit, and it's the best fucking thing ever. I love that Serena is a black woman who is so badass and buff and successful that she intimidates the fuck out of every dude and white person in the universe, but the more they try to tear her down, the stronger she gets. She's now the highest paid female athlete in the world, she's set so many records, and she just keeps getting better.

And now she's just literally straight up shooting tennis balls at representations of sexist dudes. It's glorious. This is a much better day for women than Hillary clinching the nomination.

And then this happens:

Life is good.

Here's the whole video:

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