Thursday, June 2, 2016

Recommended Tweeting


Whaaaaaaaaaaaat yeah today's recommended reading comes from Twitter courtesy of my favorite Twitter guy Mooseplaining Max. He tweeted all about the Johnny Depp - Amber Heard thing. I haven't written about this only because my response is entirely predictable and in line with things that every other feminist has written. Misogyny, victim blaming, hostility to survivors, desperate defense of a man who always seemed pretty fucked up and aggressive. The only difference in this case is the adding in of a hearty dose of biphobia!

If you want a highlighting of the gross responses to Amber Heard's coming forward that explain why abuse victims tend not to come forward, Mooseplaining Max has got you covered.

It's amazing the flimsy excuses people will make for people they're fans of. One particular family member of mine who is certainly no feminist but is also not particularly a fan of Depp pointed out that he doesn't seem nice. He seems like an unstable asshole, if you actually pay attention. And let's be honest - being that famous turns a lot of people into unstable assholes. Why, wondered this family member, is anyone surprised at the idea of Depp being abusive?

Yet here are a bunch of people claiming to be supporters of survivors also claiming that Heard must have been lying because her bruises were the wrong shape?

The fuck, Karen?

This is what you get in a society where calling abuse victims lying whores is preferable to admitting that a celebrity you like abused someone.

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