Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Police Kill 8 in Attempt to Crush Peaceful Teacher Protests in Mexico

This is a thing that has been going on. The Orlando shooting has, naturally, taken up most of our attention, but this is also important. Thousands of teachers in Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico, are striking to protest reforms that they say are excuses for massive layoffs. The teachers were blocking a major highway and police attempted to "evict" them, resulting in a violent clash. As many as 12 have been killed already, but the confirmed death toll is eight. At least 21 have been arrested.

You can see videos of the police attacks here.

On top of that, many protesters have been injured, but the police have actually taken over the nearby hospital and are refusing to let anyone be treated except police officers. That is a whole new level of a fucked up abuse of power.

Protesters have also said that the tests required by these new reforms that are supposed to measure teaching skill "[do] not effectively measure teaching skills, like the special knowledge and demeanor needed to teach in rural areas and Indigenous communities."

As usual, fuck the Indigenous population, right?

The Mexican people are strong, however, and this violence is only making the strike grow.

200,000 Doctors to Join Teachers in Mexico National Strike

The group #YoSoyMedico17, which is comprised of doctors, pediatricians, surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses, has been joined by more than 200,000 physicians from 32 states in opposing the so-called Universal Health System reform by Peña Nieto. The medical professionals say the measure is a "disguised way of privatizing health in Mexico," and said doctors were not consulted on the reform, according to Animal Politico.

Try to keep protesters from being treated now.

I support the strikers in everything they're doing. Fuck neoliberalism.

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