Monday, June 13, 2016

On the Orlando Shooting

It's honestly been a good long time since I've felt anything after hearing about a mass shooting. It happens like almost every day in this country and the human brain has a way of getting used to just about any situation. But the Orlando shooting in the Pulse nightclub left me with a thick, heavy sadness.

There are so many terrible layers to this shooting beyond the fact that it's the biggest this country has ever seen. The fact that it was an LGBTQAIP+ club. The fact that it was Latinx night at a mostly black and Latinx club. The fact that it's Pride Month. The fact that the shooter's father said he became "very angry" at the sight of two men kissing. The fact that news outlets are focusing way more on the report of the shooter pledging allegiance the head if IS than to the clear homophobia at work. The fact that yesterday, cops caught a man armed with assault weapons and explosives on his way to another pride event.

The thought that so many people who need Pride will be afraid to go to events this month.

Every one of the gross Republicans using this to further hate against the Muslim community.

The terrible pain and fear of the Muslim LGBTQAIP+ community right now.

And I'm cishet, white, and not Muslim. I can't imagine how those directly affected by homophobia, racism, and Islamophobia are feeling right now.

I lit a candle yesterday morning because I didn't know what else to do. Trying to stop gun violence and bigotry in this country feels utterly impossible, now more than ever. I will never stop speaking out, but can things really ever change?

My love to all who are in pain because of this shooting. I'm sorry things aren't better for you.

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