Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Oh Shit

I talked yesterday about how the Hillary vs. Trump election scares me because no matter who is elected, people will be hurt and killed. Trump had a predictably horrible reaction to the Orlando shooting, but Hillary people need to take into account the alarming Islamophobia of Hillary's response.

In her first speech following the shooting, Clinton doesn't waste time calling the shooter a terrorist. Now, it was a terrorist attack. Whether it was about homophobia, a planned IS attack, about anti-Lantix and/or anti-black racism, or some mix of these, mass shootings targeting a specific group are designed to evoke terror in that group of people.

However, "terrorist" evokes a very specific image in this country which is very much Islamophobic and has been intentionally riled up over terrorism related to extremist groups from the Middle East for many years. And every word in a speech from a politician like Hillary is very much intentional. She called him a terrorist for a very specific, calculated reason that is revealed by what she talked about next.

In her remarks, Clinton said “identifying and stopping lone wolves a top priority,” along with working in partnership with other countries. “The Orlando terrorist may be dead, but the virus that poisoned his mind remains very much alive,” she said.

This is revealing and frightening. Identifying "lone wolves" requires what? More surveillance of citizens like the Orlando shooter? More surveillance of people with names that sound like they could be Muslims? More arrests? Torture?

And what is the virus she's talking about? Does she mean the virus of desperate hopelessness that leads to anger and hatred for those who are destroying your entire country and killing your people and leaving your lives in a pile of smoking rubble?

This is the violent, Islamophobic warmongering that I'm worry about with Clinton. She's fueling the fire that will allow her to get away with further bombing the shit out of other countries under the guise of protecting America when all that does is create more terrorists. At the same time, she's fueling Islamophobic hate within our borders that puts every Muslim person here in danger. Plus all the people that we mistake for Muslim.

Can the Hillary people please come collect? Or is this going to be ignored?

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