Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm Not Celebrating the Men Who Caught the Stanford Rapist

I get that people want to get something positive out of the shit-fest that was the Stanford rape case against the rapist Brock Turner, and so I'm not surprised to see a lot of articles lauding the two young men who caught him and intervened. And they did do good. But honestly, this kind of behavior should be 100% expected. Intervening in a rape in progress is definitely baseline human decency. To fail to do so would be nearly as appalling as the rape itself.

I guess they did do a little extra credit by holding the rapist down until the police got there to arrest him. And I also understand that people may be trying to encourage intervention from others in the future by calling these guys heroes. But it's at the very least depressing to think that stopping a rape in progress is hero behavior and not something anyone should automatically do. At worst it tells people that not intervening is average behavior instead of being totally despicable.

And how many men are out there right now that have failed to intervene when rape or sexual assault was happening or clearly about to happen? Men who are considered good guys just because they haven't raped themselves?

I think it should be considered common decency to intervene in rape, sexual assault, or any situation in which men are clearly preying on highly intoxicated women and to hold them down until they can be arrested, or if they haven't technically committed a crime, all people in the area should collectively carry him to the door and literally throw him out. And banned for life from the establishment.

I want zero tolerance for rapist behavior. I demand better than what these two men who caught Brock Turner did. I expect a complete end to rape culture. Nothing less will suffice.

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