Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Handle Dick Pic Senders

Some cishet dude sends you a dick pic? Send him back as many dicks as you can find!

Man sends woman an unsolicited d*ck pic, woman responds brilliantly. Man regrets it.

This woman's response and general arguments are fantastic, but the other things I love about this article are 1) it's from a website called "Student Money Saver" (????) and 2) at the end the article cautions people not to look up this guy's social media accounts to send him pictures of their own dicks. What did you think would happen, Student Money Saver dot co dot UK?

As for myself, I do encourage fans to track down Mr. James O'Leary on Facebook to send him more dicks, especially if you're a cis man. Turn his life and the lives of all other dick pic senders into avalanches of dicks. Never-ending parades of dicks. So many dicks that they begin to dream only of dicks. Until any day without seeing dicks seems strangely empty.

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