Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Flawless Feminist Victory

I just need to share this because of the number of fake geek boys and Gamergate fucks it's going to piss off.

How Feminist Frequency Is Helping Women, Real and Fictional

She specifically mentions Twitter, acknowledging the recent steps they’ve taken to help discourage harassment and make the social media platform a safer place through a Safety Council and various symposiums. 
“The reason [Twitter is] doing that is because we have been fighting to get them to do that,” she says. “We’ve been telling our stories, and the media has been covering them. We’ve been pressing a larger conversation around it to make that change happen.”

This is on IGN, so hahahahahahahaha fuck all you Anita Sarkeesian haters.

In truth, Anita and other highly visible feminists in the gaming industry/community have created major shifts, and the fact that they've been harassed so much is proof of this. You don't get progress without a backlash from people who want things to stay the same.

The bad news is that the harassment Anita has experienced has, in her words, not gotten better. She continues to get the same bullshit whether she talkspecifically about her harassment or not, proving once again that the whole "ignore bullies and they'll go away" thing is bullshit.

But as much as harassers attack her, they're wasting their time. Anita's going to keep on making videos to support women, and if you don't like it, you can go lick your own butthole.

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