Thursday, June 23, 2016

Democrats Fight For Bill Profiling Muslims, Republicans Stand Firm Against It

Wait, what?

Yes, you heard right. Our government has officially become a complete farce.

At first, I was proud of the Democrats for finally taking some real action, getting some real (insert genitals here) and standing up to the Republicans and their NRA puppet masters. But let's consider at least one of the bills that Democrats are pushing for right now. It's the one that seems like Republicans could get behind, but they've become so absolutely contrarian that they wound up supporting Muslim citizens, even if they end up on the no-fly list or the "suspected terrorist" watch list. The things that liberals used to be against. But Republicans have run so far from any semblance of gun control that Democrats chasing them have ended up supporting shit that Republicans probably would have introduced ten years ago. Maybe they did, I dunno.

And why aren't Republicans supporting the no-fly, no-gun bill? Are they really just that averse to working with Democrats at all? Is the NRA that terrified of any semblance of gun control? Is the NRA that afraid of their gun cartel overlords losing a bit of money? Or is it because mass shootings boost gun sales, so yes please terrorists please shoot up our public spaces please! Do the Republicans perhaps want many of us dead, especially LGBTQAIP+ people of color?

Could be any of these reasons and more! Regardless, they've got Democrats desperately fighting for a bill that would actually increase discrimination and inequality against Muslim individuals and people who look like they might be Muslim individuals. Pardon me.

One of the first images that came up when I googled "circus gif." You get what I'm saying.

Our country is fucked.

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