Thursday, June 9, 2016

And You Thought Ghostbusters Ruined Your Childhood

I am about to ruin so much childhood for Millennials. Are you ready, dudefucks? Ready that outrage.

Remember Animaniacs? That WB show with the dog children called the "Warner Brothers" (and the Warner Sister Dot), and the mafia pidgins and the mime and the odd couple mice and the hippo spouses?

Good lord, no wonder rape culture is so strong!

A good 30% of the jokes during the segments with the Warner Siblings were Yakko and Wakko sexually harassing a woman or just making sexist jokes? And before you "Dot came on to male characters too," piss off it was not the same.

Look at this shit:

Click to Enlarge

Just the "hellooooooo nurse" gag alone and the very sexual way the nurse was drawn with the sultry, empty voice was fucked up. How many adults got paid to write this shit without a single thought of how it might affect the way boys treat girls in the future?

This is what people around my age grew up with. Completely normalized and celebrated sexual harassment in media directed at young children. And this is what we get all nostalgic about and said we had the best television? This is why it's so difficult to explain to all these dudes that sexual harassment and assault is a problem.

It's pretty incredible to go back to old cartoons and look at the way women were represented and treated in them. Fucking thanks, WB. You created a generation of this fuckery. I'm just glad that today's kids have Steven Universe and Adventure Time. Now if we could just kill all the people responsible for Family Guy, we'd be set.

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