Monday, May 16, 2016

Trans Punk Rock Star Says Goodbye to Gender

I have to say, though I'm cautious, I'm pleasantly surprised about the widespread support that the trans community has received over these disgusting "bathroom bills" that are grossing up the country. From Attorney General Lynch's speech declaring federal action against North Carolina until they drop HB 2 to the many celebrities cancelling appearances in the state. At this point, every other state politician thinking of parading their hatefulness around for votes and every state governor will know that the passing of a bathroom bill will be met with massive loss of revenue.

I honestly didn't think that this many of my fellow cis people even understood trans people, let alone would stand up for them. I'm still skeptical. I don't know how far that support will go. Obviously the bathroom thing is a basic civil right. What will happen when trans people demand real equal treatment?

But I do maintain hope thanks to the upcoming generations. Fewer and fewer young people are abiding by heteronormative expectations and the cisnormative gender binary. They're questioning the foundations of both sexual orientation and gender identity. The very concept of gender may be on the verge of a revolutionary change.

As illustrated by punk rock band Against Me! frontrunner Laura Jane Grace, trans woman, when she burned her birth certificate on stage at a show in North Carolina.

Against Me!'s Trans Frontwoman Burned Her Birth Certificate Onstage in North Carolina

And on Sunday, Grace delivered on that promise. Stepping out in front of a sold out crowd at Durham's Motorco Music Hall, Grace immediately lit her birth certificate on fire. "Goodbye gender," she said. "The way you affect change is by empowering the grassroots movement, by empowering the people."

Fucking amazing. Thank you, Laura Jane Grace, for being so awesome.

Gender will remain a concept that needs to be named in our society for as long as people continue to be oppressed based on it, but I'm delighted by how it's being questioned, challenged, examined, and rejected, and how the gender binary is being completely subverted and shut down.

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