Tuesday, May 3, 2016

There's a Women-Only Village and It's Awesome


I found this article from last year about Umoja, the village where only women are allowed to live. Men are banned from it except to provide certain services. It's located in northern Kenya and came into being after one woman, Rebecca Lolosoli, was beaten by a group of men for speaking to other women about their rights as human beings. She founded the village along with 14 other women, all of whom are survivors of rape by white British soldiers. Yet another reason I refuse to participate in any capacity in white imperialistic militarism.

There are a lot of potentially triggering elements to this article, but it's pretty amazing. It focuses almost exclusively on the experiences of the women of Umoja rather than that of the white journalist.

The village where men are banned.

I love the idea of just refusing to put up with men at all by making your own living space where men are not allowed. I've thought many times before about how awesome that would be. Never having to worry about male violence, male aggression, or the mass amounts of male entitlement and whining we women deal with on a regular basis. Just the support and love of other women.

It's funny that the men from outside Umoja laugh at these women for visiting men for sexual reasons, saying that the women "get seduced" by men, when clearly these women are just taking what they want from men (sexual gratification and/or children) and then going "lol bye" back to their village. These women have the control and the agency, and the men are left with nothing.

Maybe one day I can have what these women have.

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