Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Star Wars Thing

It's May the 4th and I'm having a pretty rough day but there's this post on Tumblr you should see and it's about Star Warso here you go.

george lucas literally set up return of the jedi to be an allegory of/protest against the Vietnam War  
revenge of the sith was so anti-Bush (Anakin even paraphrases a Bush line at one point) that people boycotted it 
emperor palpatine was very deliberately based on Nixon 
lucas later went on to compare Bush to Darth Vader and Dick Cheney to Palpatine, plus he’ll talk at any given opportunity about how political he wanted the prequels to be 
but please, keep talking about how ‘the sjws’ have ‘destroyed star wars’ by bringing politics into it

The original post has links to support every one of the above statements. It was made by Panic Pixie Dream Girl. She seems to have a pretty cool blog in general, go check it out.

But yeah lol fake geek boys don't understand Star Wars lmao.

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