Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RIP Donnell Phelps


Another young black man has been slain, this time because he came to the defense of three women who were being assaulted by another man. This guy was groping the women, and when Fort Valley State University freshman Donnell Phelps tried to intervene, the attacker stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach. Phelps later passed away from the assault.

Phelps was an agriculture engineering technology student and only 19 years old. He's described as an incredibly caring person, though it's clear through his heroic actions that he cared a lot about others - more than the many people who do nothing as bystanders when women are harassed and sexually assaulted. His death is a loss for the community and the entire human race.

Thank you, Donnell Phelps, for doing the right thing for those women. You didn't deserve to die. If this society did more to teach men to respect women and not assault them, you never would have had to sacrifice your life for those women.

There's a candlelight vigil for Phelps at the college, which is unfortunately all the way in Georgia, otherwise I'd probably go. Men doing ally work like this are so rare, and though nobody deserves to lose their life like this, I can't help but be especially mournful for Donnell Phelps. It's also especially horrible considering how many young black men are pointlessly killed because they're seen as lesser by police. But this young man was so much better than so many white men who do nothing to help women being harassed and assaulted. I hate this all so much.

Rest in peace, Donnell. You were a wonderful person and and you looked awesome in that suit.

Donnell Phelps

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