Thursday, May 5, 2016

Recommended Reading

My colleague and Twitter sensation Mooseplaining Max wrote an article on Medium about how men calling themselves male feminists tend to make us women highly suspicious and how men can support feminism without being creepy, terrible, and/or making it all about them.

Why I Don’t Call Myself A Male Feminist

I think a lot of awful men really believe that they are doing the right thing, being excellent feminists without a hint of self awareness, so it’s no wonder that male feminists get violent when called out on their hypocrisies. The bar for being a male feminist is so low that you get a nice Scooby Snack for basically saying women are people, which nobody is disputing (well, maybe some people are). Fun fact: saying things that aren’t disputed helps nobody, and yet it seems to be very newsworthy.

This is required reading for any men who want to call themselves allies or feminists. Though even if you do read it, I would recommend calling yourself either. It's better to say you do ally work. And the article has a number of other great tips, including shutting up and listening! Give it a read.

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