Thursday, May 5, 2016

More On How to Male Ally

This is kind of awesome. Some white men have created a PAC called "Can You Not" specifically to discourage other white men from running for political office.

Can You Not PAC is a political action project that aims to dis/empower and dis/incline people in positions of privilege, specifically straight white men, from ambitions of running for office in progressive urban districts. We challenge brogressives and others to reject any notion that they are uniquely qualified or positioned to seek political office in districts that don’t need them. As well-represented white dudes, we feel it is our obligation to know when to shut up and Not.

The Can You Not PAC was started by white men, for white men, asking white men that one important question: “Bruh, can you not?” We are happy to host interventions for the misguided bros in your life who looked in the mirror this morning and thought “yeah, it’s gotta be me.”

Apparently it started as a joke, but now it's become a real PAC. This is kind of the best thing I've heard of in a long time and an A+ way to do ally work while making privileged dudes hilariously angry. And everything on their website is gold, down to the internship titles. I hope to see this take off and make so many straight white men mad.

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