Tuesday, May 10, 2016



Meanwhile, over on Twitter, there's a hashtag campaign going on that's actually about verbal and emotional abuse.

To me, the idea that verbal/emotional abuse is a thing is such a non-revelation. But there are still a lot of people out there who don't "believe" in it (as though that matters). To me, it's as simple as whether or not people have minds.

People have bodies. Those bodies can be hurt. They can be abused.

People have minds and emotions. Those can be hurt. They can be abused.

And thanks to all the people who don't recognize or take emotional abuse seriously, it can be easier to fall into an emotionally abusive relationship, harder to get out of said relationship, and harder to recover from that abuse. As someone who suffered from verbal and emotional abuse for many years, I can say that the most difficult thing about recovery is getting myself to believe that my emotions around the abuse are valid - that I'm not just being weak or overdramatic. That the things done to me were really wrong and that my reactions to such behavior were normal and understandable.

And because of that, anyone who doesn't "believe" that these types of abuse are real has my absolute and complete contempt.

Here are some gems from the hashtag:

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