Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Local Racism of the Day


Students at Seattle University are apparently occupying the college in an attempt to get the university dean to resign over charges of racism that are clearly true.

Dean Jodi Kelly, a white woman, responded to a black student's request for a more diversified curriculum by handing her a book titled as just the n-slur. The student says that the dean then used the slur several times in their conversation. Dean Kelly has been "evasive" in clarifying whether this particular detail is true. See here:

Go Read "N*gger," Seattle University Humanities Dean Told Black Student Who Complained About Curriculum

You can find an email conversation at the bottom in which the dean is all "I'm not in the habit of ever using that word" DIRECTLY AFTER USING IT.

It still counts if it's in a quote, dean.

Plus the fact that in response to a black student asking for more diverse reading in the official curriculum, all the dean does is hand her one book written by a black man? Um, that's not what she meant, Kelly. Did you really think the problem was going to be solved by you recommending that one book to a black student? What the fuck were you thinking?

If this is how Kelly responds to reasonable requests, by traumatizing students, then she absolutely should not be dean. And fuck university president Stephen Sundborg for saying that demanding her resignation "sets up an opposition." The fuck does that even mean? The students are opposed to Kelly being dean. Hence the occupation. Also, if anyone set up an opposition, it was Kelly herself by being fucking racist.

Demand the resignation of Sundborg, too, damn.

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