Monday, May 9, 2016

I Am So Great! I Am So Great!


No really, though. A piece I wrote was just published in The Establishment, one of my favorite publications in the universe.

The Ableist, Racist, Classist Underpinnings Of ‘Laziness’

Honestly, I could have gone on for a lot longer about how fucked the social concept of laziness is, but it was my first piece for them and I didn't want to break the word limit. Also, there could probably be an entire article dedicated to the fucked up relationship people impose upon body size and laziness. And there's also a lot more that could be said about how poverty drains energy, plus the drain of hopelessness, the damage cause by lack of self care, self-fulfilling prophesies, and so on.

But basically, laziness is not real, pass it on.

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