Monday, May 2, 2016

How to Be Racist While Reporting on May Day

So yesterday was May Day, the traditional celebration honoring worker's rights with a march usually consisting of socialist and anarchist groups. We don't typically learn or hear too much about this particular holiday because the U.S. hates socialists and anarchists and has been trying to crush worker's rights for, well, ever.

This year, along with the tradition of white guys getting together in Seattle to fight with cops and throw things without having to fear being killed, the local reporters somehow managed to drag the Black Lives Matter movement into all of this to demonize them, too.

At one point a Komo 4 news reporter said something like "I looked them up online and all I could find was a white skinhead group. I don't think most of these people know who they are marching with. Especially the BLM groups." First of all, anarchists hate skinheads and would never allow them in their march. Secondly, the May Day protests have nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. The official Black Lives Matter group has said nothing about May Day and the local chapter, which I follow, did not announce any city protests for yesterday.

So why were reporters trying to lump BLM in with the May Day protests? The ones that are always violent? And in which this year five cops were injured? HMMMMMMM.

There may have been white kids chanting "black lives matter" but that doesn't mean the entire organization is involved at all. And it's gross to suggest that skinheads were in that march and that BLM wouldn't know about it if they were. Skinheads are not anti-capitalist. Quite the opposite. Komo 4 reporter needs to do some more research.

The photos also don't seem to show hardly any black faces in the march. There was an immigrant rights group involved but they of course were not the violent ones.

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