Monday, May 2, 2016

Bathroom Bills Are Getting Out of Control

One of the shitty things about telling trans people to wait until gay, lesbian, bisexual, qu**r and pansexual people get rights like marriage to address trans people's right to do things like exist in public is that the visibility of trans people is happening right after same-sex marriage and the bigots are still sore about it. Now the bathroom thing is coming up and bigots are going wild.

Of course, now that it's affecting cis women, groups like Human Rights Campaign might actually care. There are reports of gender nonconforming cis women being kicked out of public restrooms because they don't look feminine enough and are assumed to be trans women. Recently, these fucking bathroom laws caused a cis male police officer to barge into a women's restroom, demand ID from a cis lesbian, and then forced her out when she didn't have any. So thanks to laws that are supposed to "protect" women from men going into the bathroom, actual men are barging into the bathroom to harass women.

And now in Alabama, they're just banning trans people from public restrooms altogether. I don't know if there could be a more stark violation of civil rights than banning people from very essential basic public facilities based on who they are.

This backlash is very predictable but needs to be met with zero tolerance. I want to see Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Sanders speaking out against these bullshit bathroom bills and every decent public figure standing up for trans people. All us cis people need to demand justice and end the bathroom bill trend as soon as possible.

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