Tuesday, May 17, 2016

And the Award for Most Pathetic Thing Ever Goes to....

Men who try to tear down women they were literally just hitting on after being rejected.

Like this guy, for example:

Comedian Mike Faverman Throws Sexist, Fat-Shaming Tantrum When Woman Kindly Turns Him Down

Social media users across the country are taunting Los Angeles comedian Mike Faverman after viral images of him allegedly harassing a woman who rejected him spread from Facebook to Twitter, Reddit and Imgur.  
The anonymous woman, who wrote that she already had a boyfriend, replied to his text offer ("When am I taking you to dinner?") with a polite rejection, saying she was "sorry" if she gave him the "wrong impression." 
That's when Faverman went off, unleashing several paragraphs about her weight, her appearance and women in general.  
Among his nuggets of wisdom were, "I know fat chicks give good blow jobs and are easy to push to the curb when you're done with them."


Male comedians are a lot like male nerds. They tend to be some of the worst, most insecure, most defensive and ultimately violent assholes around.

Comedian or not, I can't tell you how many examples I've seen of shit like this where one minute a man is drooling all over a woman, giving her all kinds of compliments and practically begging her to go out with him or just fuck him, and the very instant she says "no" he turns on her, like a fucking Jekyll and Hyde situation, saying the worst things he can think of in order to try and tear down her self esteem. Basically trying to get back at her for wounding his incredibly, extraordinarily fragile ego.

Masculinity soooooo fragile.

Oh and here's the cherry on top. After calling her fat and an angry cunt and basically saying he was just going to use her and then "push [her] to the curb" because he's so totally NOT attracted to her and NOT wounded by her polite, totally not angry at all rejection, he then whines that HE'S the victim because she dared to post screenshots of the conversation in which he called her a fat angry cunt and now people are being mean to him! People are HARASSING him over the conversation in which he called a perfectly nice woman a fat angry cunt.

This is where I was going to embed the tweet of Mike Faverman's pathetic whining, but his Twitter account doesn't exist anymore! When I check last night, he was just reblogging all the people calling him a pathetic loser with the cry laughing emoji. But it looks like he was really just crying, and now he's been shamed right off of Twitter.

Bye bye, Mike Faverman. I hope this ruined your career. It probably did. No one could ever find anything you said funny now because you've made yourself into the most pathetic caricature of pathetic men.

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