Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Black Woman Died in Police Custody

News about horrible racism seems to come in batches.

22-Year-Old Black Woman Dies in Custody

This story comes with a whole new layer of fucked up. The woman, Symone Nicole Marshall, was taken to jail directly after being the victim of a severe car accident in which her car rolled over multiple times. Marshall told her sister that she was run off the road by someone.

Apparently, Marshall did not have a valid driver's license. This does not explain why she wasn't taken to a hospital following the crash or why she was denied treatment while in custody despite her complaining of headaches and blackouts. Clearly, she had untreated head trauma. She reportedly died from a blood clot in her lung - something that should never happen to a healthy young person like Marshall but can result from untreated trauma injuries like those resULTING FROM A CAR CRASH.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, the police are, as usual, giving a different story. And, as usual, I don't fucking believe them. Not after so many have died at the hands of police, most of them black, and not after cops have been caught lying so many times. I have a hard time believing that anyone refuses medical treatment after having her car flipped like that. Plus, medical care in jails and prisons in this country are a joke.

And this "white passenger," what happened to her? Was she jailed? Is she alive? Give me a fucking break.

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