Friday, May 20, 2016

Amazing Women of Color

We've got a double feature of awesome women today.

First is Ms. Krystal Lake, whom you probably know by now as the black woman who wore the hat saying "America was never great" at her job at Home Depot. First of all, where can I get that hat, I want to wear it all the time, always, like a cartoon character. Second, damn, she is awesome! I would never have the guts to wear something like that to work, and I'm white.

Of course, Ms. Lake has received death threats and a billion racist comments already since the photo of her went viral. Lake sayshe wore the hat because, despite supposed Home Depot rules against wearing political attire to work, employees have been sporting pro-Trump pins without any recourse.

Personally, a pin like that supporting that garbage bag of bigotry would make me turn right around and shop at Lowe's, but other people are more upset about the hat that dares criticize the so-called greatest national on Earth. None of them apparently stopped to think that black people's first experience in America was SLAVERY and it hasn't been great for them even after the Civil Rights Movement. Lake just sayshe thinks the country has room for improvement. And it clearly does, our Republican presidential nominee is Donald fucking Trump.

People have been flooding the Home Depot Facebook page declaring boycotts and demanding she be fired. If you want to help, I recommend countering those voices with your own. I added my own comment to the page demanding she NOT be fired and telling them to make employeestop wearing Trump pins. 

The next awesomeness comes from Hannah Battiste, who struck out against fat hatred and body policing with this:

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Oh my god.

Battiste also didn't expect this image of herself to go viral, but thankfully, most of the commentshe's gotten have been supportive. And how could it not be? This is comedy gold. Now, forever, fat women will have the perfect reaction image to fat hatred coming at them. Just remember to give credit to Hannah Battiste! She's of the Eskasoni First Nation, so it's important we white women give her the credit she's due.

Thank fuck for women like these.

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