Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This is How You Fight Rape Culture

FINALLY, someone is approaching this problem in the right way.

Nova Scotia funds consent education for young men.

Not just consent education, but a "positive masculinity" program.

"(It's) not about placing the onus on someone else to keep themselves safe but how we prevent it from happening in the first place," Granke said.


I encounter so many people who say that stopping rape is impossible, but programs like this will go a very long way in reducing the numbers. Both consent and toxic masculinity need to be addressed, and we need to address them to actual boys and men. Because they are the ones committing the vast amount of sexual assault and rape.

For the MRAs out there, maybe it would help to think of men and boys as the victims, since you guys want so badly to be seen as victims. You're victims of a society that teaches you thinks that get you in trouble. This program is to help you unlearn those lessons so that you can become safe, productive members of society! Rather than assaulting women and perpetuating rape culture all the time.

But seriously, this is an extremely necessary program and its implementation gives me hope that in a few generations, sexual assault numbers could finally start to fall.

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