Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some Liberals Suddenly Not So Concerned About Voter Suppression

You've probably already heard about the sketchy shit that went on during Tuesday's ridiculous New York primary. There was a ton of it, going beyond all the shit I linked to the day of. I don't need to talk about that here.

What I do want to mention is the rather fucked up response of a lot of liberals/Hillary fans. Democrats or liberals or whatever are supposed to be concerned about voter suppression. We've been railing against voter ID laws and reports of shenanigans in Southern states when it comes to elections between Democrats and Republicans.

But when potentially millions of voters are blocked from voting because they're Independents or their political affiliations were mysteriously changed without their consent and hundreds of thousands more were just purged for shit like moving before a primary vote between Hillary and Bernie, and suddenly I'm seeing many tweets and other social media posts and even articles telling everyone to stop with the conspiracy theories.

I've seen people chiding others about their suspicions, which seem infinitely reasonable to me, because "people make mistakes." Saying that if anyone is told that their name can't be found in the voter registry at the primary that they should just ask the person checking to look again, because that happens all the time! Worse, liberals everywhere blaming others for being "lazy" and not being "responsible" enough to look up the fucked up voter laws months in advance and make sure they jump through all the ridiculous hoops (and hope they aren't denied or purged anyway) instead of demanding that voting is made simple and easy, as it should be.

There's no reason that anybody should be denied the ability to vote in a primary just because they don't want to register as a Democrat. I mean, who can blame them.

I've seen a lot of so-called liberals scolding young voters for not engaging in primary voting or caucusing before this year. Saying their ignorance is all their fault because they didn't engage in this process before. Nevermind that many of Bernie's young fans were too young during the last Democratic primary, which was eight fucking years ago. And even if they weren't, maybe shut the fuck up with your privilege and your high and mighty bullshit.

Maybe consider that a lot of people don't have the time/energy to try and sort through a lot of confusing information and become intimately familiar with their rights. Maybe get mad at the people turning voters away for not having a voter ID even though such a thing is not required to vote in the state of New York. Maybe consider that it can be hard to challenge someone who seems to be in a position of authority, especially if they have an anxiety disorder like I do or if English is not their first language.

What happened to liberals being about supporting the oppressed and blaming problems on the actual source - the powerful? Why are you all suddenly acting like a bunch of fucking Republicans?

Voter suppression is terrible and the fault of those in power and needs to be fought at all costs no matter how minor. Until it benefits your candidate? Until it benefits Hillary Clinton? The voter shenanigans in New York on Tuesday were so severe. Literally millions affected. But now it's all the voters' faults and/or just "conspiracy theories" according to Democrats. Now liberals are engaging in totally damaging, victim-blaming language around the issue.

This kind of shit is souring me further on Hillary fans. If you only care about voter suppression when it hurts you, you don't care about voter suppression. Fuck you.

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