Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recommended Reading

I've posted about this before, but in light of the recent announcement that Harriet Tubman will, in fact, be put on the $20 bill (but apparently Andrew Jackson will still be on the back, are you kidding me), we white people need to be reminded of the negative implications of putting such a woman on the ultimate symbol of U.S. capitalism.

Arielle Newton of Black Millenials has given her thoughts on the issue, and they are required reading for white feminists.


And the paper currency she could potentially be placed on, was used to titillate white folks into violently securing her capture. The paper currency which may bear her image facilitates the same enterprise that she was strongly against — slavery. Slavery is still constitutionally legal, lest we forget.
But — and this is a big ass but — maybe her face on the $20 bill will invigorate us (the Black community, especially) to think more critically about how we spend our money as a form of Resistance. Maybe seeing Mother Moses’ face will remind us that Black dollars don’t circulate nearly enough in Black communities; that our money leaves our communities and goes to others who serve to economically oppress us.

This is a small summary of her overall points but it illustrates the conflicting feelings that many people seem to be having over the news. All I know is that white guys should shut the hell up about it, whether they're for or against it. I'm real tired of seeing white anarchist dudes talk about how terrible this is. That's really easy to say when you see faces a lot like yours on the money you still spend.

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