Monday, April 18, 2016

Recommended Reading

The Establishment just released an article written by an autistic woman about the problems with autism awareness campaigns created and run by us allistic people, and it's fantastic.

How Autism Awareness Goes Wrong

Sarah Kurchak starts off the article by saying: "Friends, I want to talk to you about autism awareness awareness."

There are a ton of things in this article for us allistic people to learn and great tips for us to actually help autistic people. Mostly about how we need to read things that autistic people write about being autistic and generally listen to them. Include them in our efforts to help them to prevent shit campaigns that don't help and even harm autistic people.

One thing I learned is that a lot of autistic people actually dread Autism Awareness Month. I feel like I should have seen that coming because it makes a lot of sense. But we allistic people must be fucking up really bad if autistic people dread our attempts to help. It's time to sit the fuck down for a while, I think.

So if you're allistic, get reading. The entire thing is important.

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