Friday, April 15, 2016

Men Hate Women

My head is really fuzzy today for some reason, and I'm generally having a hard time focusing. I don't know why, maybe because I've been having a hard time sleeping again lately. But what I'm feeling, and what's been rattling around in my brain, is a bit of irony.

I've been called a man hater so many times, by strangers and by members of my own family. But the truth is that it's men in general who hate us. Men hating women is the norm, and women refusing to treat it like the norm is seem as "man hating."

The truth is that I see men as much more emotionally and psychologically capable than our society treats them. Men are not like beasts, not like dogs. They are capable of controlling themselves. They are capable of being healthy, emotional beings, despite society's attempts to beat that out of them. I know this because, all jokes aside, I don't hate men. You don't expect good things out of people you hate.

But so many men hate women, and our society teaches men to hate us, practically demands that they hate us. They hate us for liking things coded as "feminine" and they hate us when we develop an interest in things coded as "masculine," things considered to belong to men. They apparently hate being married to us but they kill us if we reject them. They hate us for having sex and they hate us for not having sex. They hate us the way you can only hate people you don't see as being human.

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