Friday, April 8, 2016

Jessica Williams Nails It On Bathroom Bills


Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams, along with a team of trans individuals who are literally putting their lives at risk to appear on national television as part of a segment on trans people, did a segment on living as trans and the absolute ridiculousness of trans panic and anti-trans bathroom bills.

It includes an interview with Meagan Taylor, the black trans woman who was arrested in an Iowa hotel for being trans after the hotel desk employee called the police on her for being trans. It also includes appropriate outrage at the fact that 47 percent of black trans people have been incarcerated, mostly for bullshit like this and for "crimes" related to being sex workers since trans people also face intense employment discrimination and high rates of poverty and homelessness.

Then it confronts a really gross preacher dude (trigger warning for the most rank transphobia) who assumes that all trans people are criminals just waiting to assault us cis people in bathrooms but can't see how that's like assuming all priests are pedophiles.

The funny thing is that the scariest thing about this segment is actually the ad that plays before it. You'll see.

See the whole segment here (or click the link if the video isn't working):

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