Friday, April 22, 2016

Good News!


Maryland To Become The Second State To Guarantee Fair Minimum Wage For Workers With Disabilities

Wow, how gracious of Maryland to pay its workers minimum wage, even if they have disabilities! Because apparently, in this country, if you have a disability, companies are allowed to pay you a "subminimum wage" because I guess you're not as worthy of being able to live due to the fact that you have a disability!

This is 100% a "good news, it's a suppository" moment. That headline is not good news. The real good news headline would be something like "Jesus Christ Himself Comes Down From the Heavens to Punch Everyone in the Kidney for Letting This Happen."

The law affects all 36 of Maryland’s “sheltered workshops” — nonprofit organizations that hire people with disabilities at subminimum wages to perform basic tasks like assembling products, hanging clothes, or picking up trash.

Wow, what great, generous nonprofit organizations that let disabled people pick up trash for an average of four dollars an hour! That doesn't sound like exploitation at all!

What really confuses me here is the fact that "hanging clothes" and "picking up trash" was like 80% of my job description when I worked as an apparel clerk at Fred Meyer for above minimum wage.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jeff Waldstreicher (D), says the bill is a victory for civil rights. 
“By passing HB 420 and SB 417, we have upheld Maryland’s highest ideals,” he wrote in a public statement. “Marylanders are a compassionate, caring people. We believe in the dignity of every individual, in equal rights.”


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