Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dudebros Whining About Second Star Wars Thing With Female Protagonist

Oh my gaaaaawwwwwwd the whining.

This is just so hilarious. Nearly 40 years of a franchise containing nothing but male leads and including very few female characters with lines at all. Women make up 51 percent of the population, yet two movies out of around five thousand pieces of the franchise that have male leads (plus the film has a male co-lead but he must not count because he's black lol) and it's SJW BULLSHIT CRAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS.

The fact that woman exist and have stories and do shit is SJW bullshit, everyone. Also, I loved the "tons more token blacks" comment as though a co-main character is a "token" character. And if you have a lot of black people they're not tokens, are they?

This coming after GamerGaters insisting that they're mad about the Baldur's Gate expansion not containing a more important trans character that could be rounded out rather than a minor NPC! Gamer bros can't even handle more than one cis woman lead. A trans woman lead would cause a complete meltdown.

Anyway, this guarantees that I'll be going to see the movie in theaters. I'm starting to think this is a clever marketing ploy by Lucas Films.

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