Tuesday, April 19, 2016

About the Jared Leto Thing


For some unknown reason, I've suddenly been getting a high amount of traffic to my one post about Jared Leto being a rapist. Maybe it's because this festering pile of douche has been in the news lately about how he violated his fellow actor's consent by sending them gross and creepy things in the mail or has been treating mental hospitals like freak shows where he can go and learn about how craaaaaazy all the craaaaaaaaaaazy people are.

The point is, linking me to Tumblr posts claiming that the stories about him violating underage girls' consent were made up fantasies with no evidence at all to back that up is not going to work, especially if those posts are lined with rape apologia. I'm not even going to publish your comments, which are flagged for moderation if they have any links in them.

I don't particularly give a shit if I'm besmirching the reputation of this incredibly ableist, mental illness stimgma-fueling, insecure-about-not-being-as-good-as-Heath-Ledger edgelord fuckstick.

Actually, that's not true. I'd love to besmirch his reputation. I'm gonna besmirch the fuck out of it.

Jared Leto is a piece of shit ableist rapist who doesn't deserve to be in the same country as Will Smith. The end.

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