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Ha ha. Ha. Shit.


Being the Only Woman or Person of Color Applying for a Job Means You Probably Won't Get It

I almost went "no shit" to that headline but it's actually worse than I thought.

Researchers calculated that a woman is 79.14 times more likely to be hired if she is up against another woman for the job. For people of color, the chances of getting hired if another person of color is a candidate are 193.72 times greater.

Good lord.

In applicant pools with only one female and three male candidates, the chances of a woman being hired were statistically zero.

Oh fuck.

And then:

A recent study showed that, while most people favor workplace diversity, the idea only really catches on when white men endorse it. 

Welp. We women and people of color are fucked. And women of color? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

I'm even more glad now that I gave up trying to get into gaming journalism. A lot of jobs I applied to were probably like me and a shit ton of white dudes in the application pool. It looks like I'll have a lot more success trying to be a feminist writer.

Unless white men actually decide to go and fight for real diversity in the workplace.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Can science explain why this is so funny?

Recommended Reading


Clementine Ford, one of my favorite persons on Facebook/from Australia, wrote a great piece on "unwanted sex." This is distinct from rape, including that resulting from coercion. It discusses the gross phenomenon of the guilt and need to cradle men's feelings instilled into women from infancy and how it leads us to have sex we don't actually want.

Choosing unwanted sex over an awkward conversation.

This is Ford's personal story but I know that many women have had similar experiences. This problem is definitely related to that of sexual coercion, a form of rape, even if this "unwanted sex" wouldn't be described by most as rape.

There is a spectrum when it comes to choice, and the fear of a man becoming violent or even just creating a really uncomfortable situation can be coercive. And honestly, you can never know when a dude will become violent, no matter how nice he initially seems.

As Ford points out, we need to continue to work on the societal norms that tell women and girls that what they want is secondary to men's desires. Otherwise, there will continue to be these gross situations where women have sex that they don't really want. And any decent man wouldn't want sex with a woman who was only doing so out of pity or to avoid awkwardness.

"What Rape Culture?"

I found both of these in the span of a half hour.

One of Docker's star engineers got so many death and rape threats that the company hired private detectives to protect her.

Gee, why aren't there more women in STEM fields? Why are women complaining about being harassed all the time? This woman wasn't a "social justice warrior" talking all feminist online. She's just an amazing coder who basically made Docker possible. And for that, she was put through hell. Literally, the harassment started after she started speaking for the company at conferences. She made herself visible in her field and she got horrific harassment.

Ever since I started speaking at conferences and contributing to open source projects I have been endlessly harassed. I've gotten hundreds of private messages on IRC and emails about sex, rape, and death threats. People emailing me saying they jerked off to my conference talk video (you're welcome btw) is mild in comparison to sending Photoshopped pictures of me covered in blood.

What. The fuck. Is wrong. With men.


Oklahoma court: oral sex is not rape if victim is unconscious from drinking.

What the FUCK.

An Oklahoma court has stunned local prosecutors with a declaration that state law doesn’t criminalize oral sex with a victim who is completely unconscious.  
The ruling, a unanimous decision by the state’s criminal appeals court, is sparking outrage among critics who say the judicial system was engaged in victim-blaming and buying outdated notions about rape.

Victim blaming? This isn't victim blaming. This is victim creating. This is a complete miscarriage of justice. This is a society that still doesn't consider forcing someone to commit a sexual act upon them when they can't or didn't consent to be rape. This is telling rapists that they can rape an unconscious person and get away with it. This is a judicial system supporting rapists and shitting all over victims.

This is rape culture.

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Afternoon Announcements

Migraines are terrible. Now I need to try and get some paying work done feeling like my head is full of sludge.

Also, a little pointer for egalitarian pissheads, my blocking you from my comments sections is not an invitation to contact me on Google+ or any other social media. It's a boundary that means "fuck off I never want to talk to you ever." And people who step all over boundaries are terrible.

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This may be the most Seattle thing I've ever seen. From the beard to the futility of trying to hold back the effects of the eternal rain to the fucking sandals.

Dear Fellow White Women, Re: Lemonade






No Headline Can Properly Convey the Awfulness

Oh my good dear sweet motherfucking lord Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Yes, I need to get specific to Mormons to convey my disgust for this thing.

Tamir Rice settlement should help educate kids on guns, Cleveland police union president says.

So yeah, the family of Tamir Rice, the little boy shot and killed by a cop for holding a toy gun after the cop barreled into the playground in his police car and gave the kid 0.00000001 seconds to reach before shooting and then didn't provide any kind of emergency care to the kid because he decided he'd rather stand around while Tamir bled out (deep breath) was awarded $6 million for their pain and suffering, which is not nearly fucking enough.

And this is what the Cleveland police had to say about it:

The usually talkative Loomis issued a news release that said "we can only hope the Rice family and their attorneys will use a portion of this settlement to help educate the youth of Cleveland in the dangers associated with the mishandling of both real and facsimile firearms. 
"Something positive must come from this tragic loss. That would be educating youth of the dangers of possessing a real or replica firearm," the release continues.

Um. Excuse me.


Monday, April 25, 2016

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He's trying to eAT THE FISH.

Guest Post: The Problem With the Republican Hatred of Planned Parenthood

A huge hot topic during this election season has been the funding and support of Planned Parenthood. Republicans are actively trying to cut federal funding of the organization and want it shut down. This is all coming after a questionable video was released suggesting Planned Parenthood broke federal laws, putting the nonprofit organization in the spotlight. The video later turned out to be a fabrication.
The problem is that Republicans who are speaking out and fighting for the shutdown of this organization are focusing only on what they want to focus on and not seeing the bigger picture. Planned Parenthood is an important organization that deals with a variety of women’s health issues and provides care to people who might not be able to get it otherwise. It is more than what the Republicans are trying to say it is.
The Beginning of the Battle
What brought Planned Parenthood from being a household name of a health care provider to being a controversial subject was the videos that were released last year.
The Center for Medical Progress released videos that seemed to be Planned Parenthood officials performing abortions and talking about selling the fetal tissue to researchers. Receiving profit from selling this tissue would be a federal crime. The Center for Medical Progress also accused Planned Parenthood of changing its abortion procedures in a way that would allow better fetal tissue to be saved.
Planned Parenthood’s response to these videos was an apology and a denial. They claimed the video was made using edited selections that inaccurately reflect what actually happens. Regardless of the truth of this situation, it has created a divide in politics and escalated an already controversial subject.
The Divide
There is a huge divide between what Republicans are seeing and choosing to talk about in regards to Planned Parenthood and what Planned Parenthood actually does and stands for.
For example, pro-life right-wing Republicans repeatedly refer to the amount of abortions that Planned Parenthood supposedly performs and points to that as a reason why it should be shut down. However, when looking at the facts, this isn’t a fair accusation.
Yes, Planned Parenthood performs abortions. However, defunding the organization wouldn’t make any difference because the federal money it receives cannot be used for abortions – with the exception of rape, incest and the mother’s endangerment. This means the money that would be taken away doesn’t affect the abortions it performs. It will actually affect the other services Planned Parenthood provides.
Republicans are also trying to exaggerate the amount of abortions Planned Parenthood does. Planned Parenthood has released information stating that only 3% of its services are abortions. This means 97% of its services are other important and necessary services that Republicans aren’t against. Fighting an entire organization based on 3% of its services doesn’t seem exactly fair.
What Republicans aren’t telling you is that Planned Parenthood also provides pap smears, breast exams, cancer screenings, contraceptive care, STD tests and treatment to women – and men – who need these services. It provides care and education to about 5 million people each year. Screening mammography, for example, can detect 75% of breast cancers in women aged 40-49 alone, and 90% in women in their 60s. Many of these women have no alternative healthcare options so turn to Planned Parenthood for help. Can we really afford to let these services go, services that are saving lives, because Republicans disagree with the 3%? Of course not!
Defunding Planned Parenthood would leave many people without access to the health care and education they need. For women without health insurance or access to a health care provider, Planned Parenthood is their only hope to receive medical attention. More than half of the clients on Planned Parenthood are living in the poverty level or below, and taking away their access to this care would be taking a huge step backwards in the fight for equal health care and women’s rights.
The Bottom Line
Planned Parenthood has disclosed that it performed 328,000 abortions last year out of the 1 million abortions performed nationwide. It also said it helps prevent 579,000 unwanted pregnancies each year through its services, education and outreach. Those numbers reveal it prevented almost double the amount of the abortions it performed. This means that without these services, unwanted pregnancies might occur, bringing the number of overall abortions performed in the United States way up.
It just doesn’t make sense to shut down an entire organization that does everything it can to prevent unwanted pregnancies and provide health care to those who need it simply because it also performs a relatively small number of abortions.
The Republicans’ fight to shut down and defund Planned Parenthood is based on a single factor when many other things should be taken into account. Planned Parenthood is an extremely important and effective organization that our society is lucky to have. Shutting it down will not stop abortions. What will happen is we will lose education and outreach, cancer and STDs will be left undiagnosed and untreated, unwanted pregnancies will occur at a higher rate with DIY abortions risking the lives of thousands of women, and people will be denied the services they need and deserve.  

Holly Whitman is a feminist writer and journalist living in Washington DC. You can find more of her writing at Only Slightly Biased or on Twitter at @hollykwhitman.

Why Don't Women Pursue More Dangerous Jobs?


Asked the MRAs and anti-feminists trying to prove that misandry is real by pointing out that dangerous occupations like construction, mining, and firefighting are dominated by men.

Gee, could it be because of shit like this?

Residents Concerned that Va. Firefighter was Victim of Cyber-Bullying

A woman firefighter was found dead of apparent suicide recently, and was also the victim of some nasty online harassment related to her being a firefighter.

"It was pretty raunchy. It was raunchy. It was offensive. It was disrespectful.  It was ridiculing," said retired federal government worker and Fairfax County resident Jane McKinley. She saw the postings on the community forum Fairfax Underground while searching for more information about Mittendorff. 
The postings appear to be from fellow firefighters, though they are anonymous.

Though it hasn't been confirmed if Nicole Mittendorff's suicide was related to the harassment or if she was even aware of the forum postings, the fact that this was even going on is an indication of what it's like to be a woman in one of these careers. And this isn't an isolated case. Women don't apply for these kinds of jobs very often because we know they're dominated by men and we know that means there will be harassment. Maybe to the point of making us suicidal. That's not worth the trouble for what are still often pretty low-paying jobs for most women.

Lived Experiences Are Valid

I write a lot about my own experiences and personal observations on this blog. I think this makes sense, seeing as it's my personal blog. Which I created. With a URL that I purchased.

But one of the most common complaints I get from people whom I'm sure have no ulterior motive to come to my blog to bother me is that I don't back up everything I say with "scientific evidence." This is a common phenomenon, actually, experienced by many bloggers and writers who aren't cishet white men and who say anything that could be interpreted as criticizing cishet white men and the culture they've created.

I've had people demand sources from me on the most obvious and agreeable shit. I could say that more men engage in catcalling than women and some douchenozzle will come and say "source?" I could say that historically, more black people have been slaves in the U.S. than white people and somebody would demand a peer-reviewed scientific study backing that up. I've made statements that couldn't possibly be backed up by data and still people demand data from me. Someone will probably demand a source backing up my observation that people ask for sources on ridiculous shit.

It's the most annoying derail attempt as well as an attempt to deflect any responsibility to even consider what marginalized people have to say. And I know this because I've experienced it myself over and over, and even when I do provide scientific studies to back up what I say, you know what the next step is? The study isn't good enough. It's not a double-blind peer-reviewed replicated 5000 times study. Nevermind the fact that double-blind studies on sociological and cultural phenomena are impossible or at the very least highly unethical/illegal. Nevermind that no study in the universe is perfect, double-blind or not.

These people have no clue how science actually works. Here's a tip for everyone in existence - "scientific fact" is not a real thing. There is no fact. Only things that have yet to be disproved. Hell, recently scientists have found that some kind of warp engine-like thing that shouldn't work based on some very important laws of physics somehow works every time they test it in a vacuum. So.

Then there's the observable truth that every writer in the universe has written some shit about their lived experiences, but not all of them get pummeled with demands for scientific data. I hopped onto the New York Times website this morning and in the op-ed section easily found an article by a conservative old white dude talking about his observations and lived experiences among his conservative friends and in the Republican party.

The piece could very well be construed as an attack upon people who are very passionate about their politics and consider their values important enough to end friendships over. I wonder if the same people who are coming to me all concerned about sources also bother men like Peter Wehner in every one of his op-ed pieces, demanding sources confirming that some people end friendships over politics or that these occurrences are more common this year because of Donald Trump? Looking over the comments section for this article, I'd have to say no. HMMMMMM.

Maybe not every statement about a personal observation needs to be backed up by science. Maybe science isn't actually the epitome of truth. Maybe sourcemongers should find a better way to remain entrenched in their worldview, I dunno. I'm no scientist.

Friday, April 22, 2016

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I've never seen "Happy Earth Day" expressed in this manner.

Even Alison Rapp's Husband Got Whorephobic Harassment


This particular piece by Alison Rapp's husband, Jake Rapp, came out several days ago, but I wanted to read it all in order to know which trigger warnings to use, and it took a while to gather up the energy to do that. Because there are a lot of examples of horrible, abusive messages in it.

Anyway, just for being married to Alison, Jake received a cascade of tweets containing lewd suggestions about his wife and mocking him for supposedly being a "cuckold" because of the rumors about Alison being an escort. Apparently there's some weird thing in troll/8chan culture going on lately about being a "cuck," short for "cuckold" (term for a man cheated on by his presumably female partner). I don't really understand it, but it seems to be a new term for an "emasculated" man, maybe a replacement for "mangina." It's also a fetish, and that may play a roll in this subcultural shift. I don't know for sure and I don't really want to know, but that's what's going on there.

The point is, most of the messages harassing him are based on the idea that Alison is an escort and the massive whorephobia surrounding that poorly supported rumor. There are also some purely misogynistic comments, homophobia (including the f-slur), and transmisogyny. Then there are references to the false accusation that Alison supported child porn in some paper she wrote in high school, and it wraps up with someone directly encouraging Jake to kill himself, complete with a fucked up image involving a noose.

Jake speaks on how he quit his job as a barista at the Nintendo cafe before they could fire him for being associated with Alison, and explains that he was never outspoken about any kind of political or social justice topic online. He's only getting harassed for being married to Alison. So literally nobody can victim blame him for any of this, though they'll probably still try. One of the messages even calls him a supporter of child porn. Then he goes on to talk about how the harassment makes him feel and the sense of helplessness it produces, knowing nothing can really be done to stop them. But he isn't broken and he feels no shame about who he is and he hasn't changed his principles.

If you want to read the entire thing, it's here:

On Quitting, Harassment, and Shame

Keep in mind that he uses some ableist language himself. You can, of course, scroll past the images of tweets to avoid reading the harassing messages, but the noose image is large and fairly unavoidable. You might need to disable images before scrolling if you can.

But the lesson to be learned here is that people who engage in anonymous harassment online are not doing it for any reason other than to cause harm. You can do nothing at all, but if you end up in the spotlight, even the edge of the one centered on someone else, and you have a perceived weakness, then they'll go after you. They just want to hurt people, and they'll go to any lengths to do so as much as possible. They might try to justify it, but don't be fooled. These are just bad people. We clearly need to intervene in young children and teach them to actually respect people. Something needs to be done because we appear to be raising generations of people who will actively seek to harm others if they think they can get away with it.

Good News!


Maryland To Become The Second State To Guarantee Fair Minimum Wage For Workers With Disabilities

Wow, how gracious of Maryland to pay its workers minimum wage, even if they have disabilities! Because apparently, in this country, if you have a disability, companies are allowed to pay you a "subminimum wage" because I guess you're not as worthy of being able to live due to the fact that you have a disability!

This is 100% a "good news, it's a suppository" moment. That headline is not good news. The real good news headline would be something like "Jesus Christ Himself Comes Down From the Heavens to Punch Everyone in the Kidney for Letting This Happen."

The law affects all 36 of Maryland’s “sheltered workshops” — nonprofit organizations that hire people with disabilities at subminimum wages to perform basic tasks like assembling products, hanging clothes, or picking up trash.

Wow, what great, generous nonprofit organizations that let disabled people pick up trash for an average of four dollars an hour! That doesn't sound like exploitation at all!

What really confuses me here is the fact that "hanging clothes" and "picking up trash" was like 80% of my job description when I worked as an apparel clerk at Fred Meyer for above minimum wage.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jeff Waldstreicher (D), says the bill is a victory for civil rights. 
“By passing HB 420 and SB 417, we have upheld Maryland’s highest ideals,” he wrote in a public statement. “Marylanders are a compassionate, caring people. We believe in the dignity of every individual, in equal rights.”


Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Some Liberals Suddenly Not So Concerned About Voter Suppression

You've probably already heard about the sketchy shit that went on during Tuesday's ridiculous New York primary. There was a ton of it, going beyond all the shit I linked to the day of. I don't need to talk about that here.

What I do want to mention is the rather fucked up response of a lot of liberals/Hillary fans. Democrats or liberals or whatever are supposed to be concerned about voter suppression. We've been railing against voter ID laws and reports of shenanigans in Southern states when it comes to elections between Democrats and Republicans.

But when potentially millions of voters are blocked from voting because they're Independents or their political affiliations were mysteriously changed without their consent and hundreds of thousands more were just purged for shit like moving before a primary vote between Hillary and Bernie, and suddenly I'm seeing many tweets and other social media posts and even articles telling everyone to stop with the conspiracy theories.

I've seen people chiding others about their suspicions, which seem infinitely reasonable to me, because "people make mistakes." Saying that if anyone is told that their name can't be found in the voter registry at the primary that they should just ask the person checking to look again, because that happens all the time! Worse, liberals everywhere blaming others for being "lazy" and not being "responsible" enough to look up the fucked up voter laws months in advance and make sure they jump through all the ridiculous hoops (and hope they aren't denied or purged anyway) instead of demanding that voting is made simple and easy, as it should be.

There's no reason that anybody should be denied the ability to vote in a primary just because they don't want to register as a Democrat. I mean, who can blame them.

I've seen a lot of so-called liberals scolding young voters for not engaging in primary voting or caucusing before this year. Saying their ignorance is all their fault because they didn't engage in this process before. Nevermind that many of Bernie's young fans were too young during the last Democratic primary, which was eight fucking years ago. And even if they weren't, maybe shut the fuck up with your privilege and your high and mighty bullshit.

Maybe consider that a lot of people don't have the time/energy to try and sort through a lot of confusing information and become intimately familiar with their rights. Maybe get mad at the people turning voters away for not having a voter ID even though such a thing is not required to vote in the state of New York. Maybe consider that it can be hard to challenge someone who seems to be in a position of authority, especially if they have an anxiety disorder like I do or if English is not their first language.

What happened to liberals being about supporting the oppressed and blaming problems on the actual source - the powerful? Why are you all suddenly acting like a bunch of fucking Republicans?

Voter suppression is terrible and the fault of those in power and needs to be fought at all costs no matter how minor. Until it benefits your candidate? Until it benefits Hillary Clinton? The voter shenanigans in New York on Tuesday were so severe. Literally millions affected. But now it's all the voters' faults and/or just "conspiracy theories" according to Democrats. Now liberals are engaging in totally damaging, victim-blaming language around the issue.

This kind of shit is souring me further on Hillary fans. If you only care about voter suppression when it hurts you, you don't care about voter suppression. Fuck you.

This is the Worst


This is seriously one of the worst things I've ever read about in my life.

Sheriff Claimed Cops Were Heroes For Trying To Save 3 Black Girls From Drowning But Dashcam Show They Watched Them Scream As They Drowned

That is a really long headline but honestly how else do you adequately present such a horrific... event. Incident. Lack of incident? Pulling down of one's pants and shitting all over the idea of justice?

Three children. Drowned. Died horrifically. Trapped in a car. And none of the cops did anything to try to help them. They just stood around talking about how the girls were done for.

The video skips ahead at one point. It's difficult to tell how long the officers watched, doing nothing, commenting on their screams, but it takes a decent amount of time for a car to sink into water. They could have done something. They could have swam out there and tried. It was just a pond, there was no danger for the officers. But they didn't. They just make comments in a tone of voice of someone watching paint dry. They don't care. Do they even see these girls as human?

I don't understand. One officer says "I heard yelling." Of course you heard yelling. If they couldn't get out of the car then they would be done for. They'd scream for help. But none of you tried to help.

And then you lied about it. Said you tried to help them when your dash cam was on, showing how you just stood around or sat in your cars.

Somehow this seems worse to me than shooting people of color dead. It's one thing to shoot a person claiming you feared for your life, and it's another to watch three girls sink to their deaths, however long that took, and do nothing. Did they deserve to die for running a red light? Or do you just not see any people of color as human, even if they're teen girls?

If you had any doubt that cops don't see black people as people, here you go.

Recommended Reading

I've posted about this before, but in light of the recent announcement that Harriet Tubman will, in fact, be put on the $20 bill (but apparently Andrew Jackson will still be on the back, are you kidding me), we white people need to be reminded of the negative implications of putting such a woman on the ultimate symbol of U.S. capitalism.

Arielle Newton of Black Millenials has given her thoughts on the issue, and they are required reading for white feminists.


And the paper currency she could potentially be placed on, was used to titillate white folks into violently securing her capture. The paper currency which may bear her image facilitates the same enterprise that she was strongly against — slavery. Slavery is still constitutionally legal, lest we forget.
But — and this is a big ass but — maybe her face on the $20 bill will invigorate us (the Black community, especially) to think more critically about how we spend our money as a form of Resistance. Maybe seeing Mother Moses’ face will remind us that Black dollars don’t circulate nearly enough in Black communities; that our money leaves our communities and goes to others who serve to economically oppress us.

This is a small summary of her overall points but it illustrates the conflicting feelings that many people seem to be having over the news. All I know is that white guys should shut the hell up about it, whether they're for or against it. I'm real tired of seeing white anarchist dudes talk about how terrible this is. That's really easy to say when you see faces a lot like yours on the money you still spend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to do this.

Good News!

Lol what a great day.

Imperial Wizard of Georgia KKK dies after shootout with police

There is a photo of Harper when WALB interviewed him 12 years ago, as the self-described "Imperial Wizard" of the KKK. 
Law enforcement confirmed Harper's involvement in the white supremacy movement. 
"Yes, he was. He had a membership drive on the courthouse steps," said Deputy David Grantham with the Dooly County Sheriff's Office. 
During the standoff, Harper told officers and various news outlets that "someone was going to die today".


This is Actually Happening

I honestly did not think this would really happen.

Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

I wrote about the campaign to put a woman on the $20 last year, and after Harriet Tubman won the vote, there was talk about printing some $10 bills with a woman on it. But I didn't think that would even happen. But apparently the Treasury Secretary had a change of heart.

Harriet Tubman is going to replace former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce today. 
Sources told Politico that Alexander Hamilton will remain on the front of the $10 bill, but that members of the women’s suffrage movement will be added to the back. Depictions of civil rights era leaders will be incorporated into the $5 bill, as well.

Wow! Not bad!

Now I'm just waiting for the white dudes to come out of the bushes to be all "what is this SJW bullshit." Because any women or people of color appearing ever is, of course, SJW bullshit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gif of the Day

Oh my god I need one.


American Democracy, am I right? Best thing ever. Democracy is the best thing and the U.S. is the greatest nation on Earth.

Closed Stations, Broken Scanners, And Other Problems Reported At New York Polls

63,000 New York Democrats Were Just Purged from Voter Rolls — And No One Knows Why

New York’s Mayor Responds as Brooklyn Voter Purge Doubles to 126,000

New Yorkers File Emergency Lawsuit To Give Voting Rights Back To 3.2 Million People


This is How You Fight Rape Culture

FINALLY, someone is approaching this problem in the right way.

Nova Scotia funds consent education for young men.

Not just consent education, but a "positive masculinity" program.

"(It's) not about placing the onus on someone else to keep themselves safe but how we prevent it from happening in the first place," Granke said.


I encounter so many people who say that stopping rape is impossible, but programs like this will go a very long way in reducing the numbers. Both consent and toxic masculinity need to be addressed, and we need to address them to actual boys and men. Because they are the ones committing the vast amount of sexual assault and rape.

For the MRAs out there, maybe it would help to think of men and boys as the victims, since you guys want so badly to be seen as victims. You're victims of a society that teaches you thinks that get you in trouble. This program is to help you unlearn those lessons so that you can become safe, productive members of society! Rather than assaulting women and perpetuating rape culture all the time.

But seriously, this is an extremely necessary program and its implementation gives me hope that in a few generations, sexual assault numbers could finally start to fall.

About the Jared Leto Thing


For some unknown reason, I've suddenly been getting a high amount of traffic to my one post about Jared Leto being a rapist. Maybe it's because this festering pile of douche has been in the news lately about how he violated his fellow actor's consent by sending them gross and creepy things in the mail or has been treating mental hospitals like freak shows where he can go and learn about how craaaaaazy all the craaaaaaaaaaazy people are.

The point is, linking me to Tumblr posts claiming that the stories about him violating underage girls' consent were made up fantasies with no evidence at all to back that up is not going to work, especially if those posts are lined with rape apologia. I'm not even going to publish your comments, which are flagged for moderation if they have any links in them.

I don't particularly give a shit if I'm besmirching the reputation of this incredibly ableist, mental illness stimgma-fueling, insecure-about-not-being-as-good-as-Heath-Ledger edgelord fuckstick.

Actually, that's not true. I'd love to besmirch his reputation. I'm gonna besmirch the fuck out of it.

Jared Leto is a piece of shit ableist rapist who doesn't deserve to be in the same country as Will Smith. The end.

Monday, April 18, 2016

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Me ignoring drama at work.

Recommended Reading

The Establishment just released an article written by an autistic woman about the problems with autism awareness campaigns created and run by us allistic people, and it's fantastic.

How Autism Awareness Goes Wrong

Sarah Kurchak starts off the article by saying: "Friends, I want to talk to you about autism awareness awareness."

There are a ton of things in this article for us allistic people to learn and great tips for us to actually help autistic people. Mostly about how we need to read things that autistic people write about being autistic and generally listen to them. Include them in our efforts to help them to prevent shit campaigns that don't help and even harm autistic people.

One thing I learned is that a lot of autistic people actually dread Autism Awareness Month. I feel like I should have seen that coming because it makes a lot of sense. But we allistic people must be fucking up really bad if autistic people dread our attempts to help. It's time to sit the fuck down for a while, I think.

So if you're allistic, get reading. The entire thing is important.

Friday, April 15, 2016

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Let her in!

Men Hate Women

My head is really fuzzy today for some reason, and I'm generally having a hard time focusing. I don't know why, maybe because I've been having a hard time sleeping again lately. But what I'm feeling, and what's been rattling around in my brain, is a bit of irony.

I've been called a man hater so many times, by strangers and by members of my own family. But the truth is that it's men in general who hate us. Men hating women is the norm, and women refusing to treat it like the norm is seem as "man hating."

The truth is that I see men as much more emotionally and psychologically capable than our society treats them. Men are not like beasts, not like dogs. They are capable of controlling themselves. They are capable of being healthy, emotional beings, despite society's attempts to beat that out of them. I know this because, all jokes aside, I don't hate men. You don't expect good things out of people you hate.

But so many men hate women, and our society teaches men to hate us, practically demands that they hate us. They hate us for liking things coded as "feminine" and they hate us when we develop an interest in things coded as "masculine," things considered to belong to men. They apparently hate being married to us but they kill us if we reject them. They hate us for having sex and they hate us for not having sex. They hate us the way you can only hate people you don't see as being human.

God Help Me

I cannot tell you how close I was to taking a drink of my piping hot chai tea when I laid eyes on this tweet. Hilarity like this is dangerous, I tell you.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gif of the Day

This gif is huge so you may need to open it in its own tab but trust me, it's worth it.

Recommended Reading

Speaking of accommodation.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Accommodation and Accessibility?

"Or do we need to make fun of you?"

This article is so good and makes so many great points that I hadn't thought of so go read it. It's not even very long go read it.

Autism Awareness Month


This comes way later than I'd wanted it to, but April is, among other things, Autism Awareness Month. You may have heard about wearing blue or stuff from Autism Speaks, but there's something everyone needs to know about this particular charity.

What most allistic (non-autistic) people aren't aware of is the conflict between those who want to find a "cure" for autism and those who think that autistic people are just different from the majority and don't need to be cured anymore than LGBTQAIP+ people need to be cured. The problem with Autism Speaks is how much it focuses on what a tragedy it is that autistic people exist. It talks a lot about parents and caretakers of autistic kids and how hard their lives are rather than focusing on how badly the world treats autistic people. The organization speaks over autistic people instead of uplifting their voices. It uses stereotypes and fear tactics to raise money, and only a tiny majority of its budget (4%) goes toward actually helping existing autistic people. Most of the budget goes to looking for a cure.

Some would call this eugenics.

The fact is that people on the autism spectrum need our society to stop catering purely to allistic people. People on the spectrum can function just fine if they get the accommodations and considerations they need, just like we allistic people get. The only reason autistic people might want to be cured is that we allistic people treat them so badly. We're the problem, they're not. And it would be real simple for us to make simple changes like giving up our weird Western obsession with eye contact (which is considered rude in many other cultures). But somehow we'd rather spend millions every year on figuring out how to stop autistic people from existing anymore. It's fucked up.

Here's a list of shitty things about Autism Speaks written by the president of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a much better charity for people on the spectrum.

This is a really serious problem. Autistic people are routinely dehumanized by our society. Parents who murder their autistic kids get actual sympathy from people because apparently these kids are so difficult to deal with that who wouldn't want to murder them?

Case in point:

Police Shoot Unarmed Man and his 6-Year-Old Autistic Son in the Head Multiple Times Killing Son

Jeremy David Mardis is the youngest deadly police brutality victim this year. He was hit by five bullets when officers opened fire upon his dad's car. Autistic children are disproportionately affected by police brutality the way black children are. Because they don't act exactly as police think they should. In this case, Jeremy was a completely innocent bystander, but autistic kids have been directly threatened and shot by police many times in the past.

I highly recommend all my fellow allistic people celebrate this month by doing real research into autism and reading works by actual autistic people about Autism Speaks, autistic rights, and what they really need from those of us with allistic privilege. Autistic people are human and don't need to be wiped out for our convenience.

And avoid wearing blue. Wear red instead.

Dudebros Whining About Second Star Wars Thing With Female Protagonist

Oh my gaaaaawwwwwwd the whining.

This is just so hilarious. Nearly 40 years of a franchise containing nothing but male leads and including very few female characters with lines at all. Women make up 51 percent of the population, yet two movies out of around five thousand pieces of the franchise that have male leads (plus the film has a male co-lead but he must not count because he's black lol) and it's SJW BULLSHIT CRAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS.

The fact that woman exist and have stories and do shit is SJW bullshit, everyone. Also, I loved the "tons more token blacks" comment as though a co-main character is a "token" character. And if you have a lot of black people they're not tokens, are they?

This coming after GamerGaters insisting that they're mad about the Baldur's Gate expansion not containing a more important trans character that could be rounded out rather than a minor NPC! Gamer bros can't even handle more than one cis woman lead. A trans woman lead would cause a complete meltdown.

Anyway, this guarantees that I'll be going to see the movie in theaters. I'm starting to think this is a clever marketing ploy by Lucas Films.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gif of the Day

Great for all those anti-feminists who drop the term "cultural Marxism" in the faux intellectual rants about feminism.

Feminist Hijabi Sesame Street Character is Everything

If you haven't heard about this yet, here's your hope for humanity for the day.

Meet Zari, Sesame Street’s new female Afghan puppet

The puppet character wears outfits from several different ethnic groups that live in Afghanistan, including some hijabs, and speaks for the empowerment of women and girls. She will focus especially on girl's education. And she was created by the U.S. and Afghanistan production teams to develop an accurate and widely appealing Afghani character.

And she's super cute.

I love this. It's so important that kids learn about Muslim people and Middle Eastern cultures and come to see head coverings as normal to counteract the raging Islamophobia present in our society. Speaking of, right-wing pundits and publications are freaking the fuck out, predictably. But don't worry about them. They can't fight the awesome power of Sesame Street.

White Cis Dudes Need Safe Spaces From Safe Spaces


Stephen Fry has pretty much cemented himself as a boring privileged piece of shit who is completely oblivious to how much his society caters to him. He's taken to whining about universities keeping boring old rape-filled texts out of the curriculum so that education can be accessible to everyone, not just those lucky enough not to have been sexually abused, assaulted, or raped. Of which most are women.

Apparently he went on some boring show with some other neurotypical cis white guy to talk about how abuse victims and people with PTSD are just feeling sorry for themselves, and are ugly for it. Apparently panic attacks and flashbacks and feelings of intense powerlessness and vulnerability are all actually just self-pity. I'll remember that next time my body shuts down and I can hardly move or speak because the fear is so overwhelming.

The thing that asshole privileges fuckhats like Stephen Fry don't get is that all standard college classes are their safe spaces. These spaces cater to them at the expense of everyone else. Especially because these are the kinds of people who are obsessed with Shakespeare and similar authors who were only okay. Seriously, Hamlet is not revolutionary, it doesn't need to be a part of every literary discussion.

But the second these classes start introducing works by other authors who don't need to use rape for shock value, men like Stephen Fry start crying because their safe space was taken away. Because apparently they can't handle different ideas by diverse peoples or, I guess, not reading about rape.

This is how ridiculous Stephen Fry sounds. The fact is that classes that insist on requiring students to read books containing rape scenes and child molestation make educate less accessible to abuse and rape victims through no fault of their own. And it's super shitty that many basic, required classes assign books like this because for some reason they're considered "classics" and important.

This is what Stephen Fry said:

“There are many great plays which contain rapes, and the word rape now is even considered a rape. They’re terrible things and they have to be thought about, clearly, but if you say you can’t watch this play, you can’t watch Titus Andronicus, you can’t read it in an English class, or you can’t watch Macbeth because it’s got children being killed in it, it might trigger something when you were young that upset you once, because uncle touched you in a nasty place, well I’m sorry. 
“It’s a great shame and we’re all very sorry that your uncle touched you in that nasty place – you get some of my sympathy – but your self pity gets none of my sympathy.”

First of all, I hate it when privileged fucks say sorry when they're not. Stephen Fry doesn't give a fuck about people who were molested. He says he gives "sympathy" but only as long as abuse survivors don't speak up and don't ask for any kind of accommodation for the after effects and mental illness that resulted, that they never in any way asked for. It doesn't matter if they get panic attacks and flashbacks because forcing people to read Titus Andronicus is more important than anything. Nevermind that anybody is free at any time to read or watch that play on their own time. No, rape plays need to be forced down everyone's throat because Stephen Fry likes them. It doesn't matter that one in four girls and one in six boys are molested. Fuck 'em. Stephen Fry says we all have to read Titus Andronicus.

You know what's ugly, Stephen Fry? Your privilege. Your privileged little bubble that let's you float above the rest of us and declare in your self-righteous, paternalistic manner that you know what's good for us. Lack of empathy and lack of give a fuck about sexual abuse victims is ugly. It's the ugliest thing I've even seen and I've luckily already graduated so I'm going to elect to never watch anything that involves you ever again, as is my right. Fuck you.

Alison Rapp is Now Being Severely Harassed


Alison Rapp, the woman who was fired from Nintendo after facing months of harassment because she was blamed for a localization decision that she had nothing to do with, has now been doxxed and is dealing with multiple family members being harassed and doxxed as well, including extended family members, because there is no length that these people won't go to to terrorize, intimidate, and silence people. These are domestic terrorists we're dealing with. They may not deal in explosives (not yet, but they do make bomb threats), but their aim is to terrify people into doing what they want.

And by "people" I mean "women" and by "what they want" I mean "their silence."

Why is she being harassed now? They got what they wanted. She was fired. If this had been based on any kind of real moral outrage or protest, they'd leave her alone. Especially since she didn't do anything wrong.

But this isn't about moral outrage. This is about locking onto a vulnerable target and making the person's life as difficult and miserable as they can. These "trolls" as people call them, that's their aim. They have lists of targets shared on the seediest of online message boards, and there they coordinate their attacks and even offer rewards for proof of harassment. I'm not kidding. If you want to see for yourself, you can start on 8chan, which is like 4chan only infinity times worse. 8chan is literally where the people who are banned from 4chan for being horrible go to continue being horrible. Again, I'm not joking. That's the entire reason 8chan was made. And a large section of 8chan flies the GamerGate flag.

There's a significant group of people, mostly young men, who dedicate their free time to this particular activity. Harassment includes calling the phones of the target and target's family members to make threats, sending obscene or threatening letters or emails, and making fake complaints to the police (which is definitely illegal).

I do not know why they're continuing to complain to Nintendo if she no longer works for them, but claiming a person is a pedophile and spreading that idea as much as possible is another tactic these people go for, and a very popular one with GamerGate.

Another tactic is to either claim a woman has engaged in sex work or to hyper focus on her previous sex work. I mean, either way they hyper focus on it, as evidenced by the photo and username of the person who made that forum post bragging about harassment. A claim has surfaced from the pit of 8chan that Alison Rapp is an escort - a full service sex worker - based on screenshots and archives of a website of a supposed escort compared to Alison Rapp's photos. They're also claiming that the "exif data" from the photos on the escort site match that of the data from Rapp's DeviantArt account on which she posts photos of her cosplay.

If you don't know, and I didn't until recently, "exif data" is the data that attaches itself to photos uploaded to the Internet. It contains all kinds of data, including the model of the camera used and the serial number of the camera lens. That people can easily access this is creepy as fuck. I've also read that cell phone camera exif data can contain personal information like the location of the photo taken. This is how people get doxxed. Creepy.

But 8chaners and the GamerGaters latching onto this narrative have no qualms about people's privacy and so they supposedly compared the data to a supposed website that's now down to the data from the DeviantArt account and it supposedly matches down to the lens serial number.

I have zero faith in anything that comes out of 8chan. Actually, that's not true. I have faith that the shit that comes out of 8chan is bullshit. Their ability to manipulate, photoshop, and hack, and their absolute lack of integrity means that they can and will do anything to assault the reputations of their targets. They don't care.

But even if it wasn't true, I wouldn't care, because I'm not a monocle-dropping hater of sex workers. Any person should be allowed to do anything they want with consenting adults, and actually, a lot of GamerGaters agree with this (albeit probably for gross reasons). Yet notorious GamerGate sites are spreading this rumor like wildfire, stating it as fact with no concern that it came straight from 8chan. And why should they be concerned? 8chan is a GamerGate haven.

So we're left with this. GamerGate says they don't harass and they say they're supportive of sex workers, yet they're spreading personal information, spreading whorephobic and sex shaming posts, and as this has spread, Alison Rapp has seen an exponential increase in the harassment of her and her family. At the very least, GamerGate is complicit. It's no secret that whorephobia is used to severely intensify hatred of women and to justify their harassment. By spreading this 8chan shit, they've guaranteed that she'll become a huge target, much more than before.

It's bad enough to spread anything that comes out of 8chan, which is an unabashed base for harassing people. But to spread an unverifiable claim that a woman is a sex worker in an intensely whorephobic society, when women have already been intensely harassed due to similar claims, and all when you claim to think that sex work should be legal anyway?

Way to go, GamerGate, for contributing to the hatred of sex work and the harassment of yet another woman somehow involved in video games. You can't claim innocence on this one, but I'm sure you'll try.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Gif of the Day

Oh my gOD.

Why Do Critics Think This Fat Actress Will Fail?

Thank god for that gif honestly.

Anyway, apparently critics are constantly writing about how actress Melissa McCarthy is on the edge of devastating failure even though her movies are nothing but successes, lol.

For some reason, even though The Boss topped the box office this weekend, critics think it's "wobbly" or some shit, I dunno. And another described the movie as "tapping Batman V Superman on the chin" rather than stepping on its head. But why do you think that critics never write this kind of shit about constantly successful man actors?

Could it be because Melissa McCarthy isn't perfectly thin?

Another Black Woman Dies in Police Custody

This is another Sandra Bland. But her name was Wakiesha Wilson. Another black woman unnecessarily arrested, then found dead in her cell supposedly from hanging herself after showing no indication of emotional distress 90 minutes before her death and with no history of suicidal ideation.

To add to this horrible tragedy, it took the police days to notify the family that Wilson was dead. They only figured it out after she didn't appear in court on her court date. The LAPD's excuse for this is their "caseload." Apparently they're too busy to make one fucking phone call to let the family know that their loved one died in their custody. Fucking hell.

As always, the police are being cagey about the details.

This is completely unacceptable. How are these women managing to hang themselves? Jail cells are supposed to be set up so that shit like this can't happen, yet another black woman is dead when she didn't seem the least bit suicidal?

I call bullshit. You call bullshit. We all call bullshit.

Justice for Wakiesha Wilson. Justice for black woman. Make this explode. Don't let them get away with it!

Stop Telling Black People Who to Vote For

As election season continues and the fight for the Democratic nomination nears its climax, my enthusiasm for Bernie is being replaced with an annoyance at pretty much all white liberals right now. While Bernie fans continue to insist that BernieBros aren't a real thing, I'm increasingly seeing other Bernie fans bother black people on Twitter whenever they criticize him or express a general skepticism at an election that doesn't represent them at all.

The principle really goes for any marginalized group you have privilege over. Don't tell them who to vote for. Don't jump onto their Twitter accounts with links about the good things your candidate has done for them or the bad things the opposing candidate has done to them. It's very likely that they not only already know, but know more about that aspect of the candidate's record than you do.

The more I see of Bernie's record, the more I can see why black people aren't enthusiastic about him. He did vote for the same anti-black crime bill passed by Bill Clinton during his presidency and recently defended by Bill Clinton during an embarrassing rant/scolding session. And yes, Bernie does seem to be more willing to listen to and meet with black activists and leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, but he's been far from perfect in responding to call outs. And it was a pretty big blunder to call Hillary Clinton unqualified. That was a deeply untrue statement with sexist undertones.

And honestly, his policy on bombing random Middle Eastern and Northern African countries isn't any better than what we have now. It's better than Hillary's plan to expand aggression and U.S. terrorism in the region, but meh. The point is that while Bernie is very progressive on issues of income inequality (progressive for this country anyway), he's not so progressive on policies relating to people of color. His current stance against mass incarceration sounds good, but his record doesn't inspire that much confidence that he'll follow through.

And let's be honest. No matter which Democratic candidate becomes president, we're going to have the same Republican obstructionism as before. Hillary fans like to say that Hillary's tougher or will be more likely to compromise (opposite statements but ok) but the fact is that Obama tried to compromise so much that he got criticism from liberals for giving Republicans too much ground, and they still refused to do hardly anything for him. Because they hated him on principle. You know who else they really, really hate? Hillary Clinton. Oh so much hate, so much. They'll never work with her.

This is why, though they tend to leave out those who will be most harmed for it, I sympathize with those who want real revolution. Including the BLM. And I sympathize with those who are cynical and don't care to support either candidate. I do not sympathize with those who react to this by flooding their Twitter mentions with white whining.

My fellow white people, please fucking stop. You're not helping. You're not making them want to vote for your candidate. You're just pushing them farther away. And you're being a bunch of assholes in general so just stop!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Gif of the Day

Team Rocket made this show.



Have you seen this video of a black guy going around offering free hugs at rallies for different political candidates? Specifically, Trump rallies vs. Sanders rallies? Can you guess the kind of shit that's in this video?


"Black is good! Black is good! White is better! White is better!"

"Do you want free hugs?" "I don't want any drugs"

"Why don't you go down to the hood to give hugs?"

Just in case there were any people left trying to claim that Trump's campaign and supporters aren't racist. At least the end of the video is awesome.

What happened when the Free Hugs Project offered hugs at a Donald Trump rally and a Bernie Sanders rally...
Posted by BuzzFeed News on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jessica Williams Nails It On Bathroom Bills


Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams, along with a team of trans individuals who are literally putting their lives at risk to appear on national television as part of a segment on trans people, did a segment on living as trans and the absolute ridiculousness of trans panic and anti-trans bathroom bills.

It includes an interview with Meagan Taylor, the black trans woman who was arrested in an Iowa hotel for being trans after the hotel desk employee called the police on her for being trans. It also includes appropriate outrage at the fact that 47 percent of black trans people have been incarcerated, mostly for bullshit like this and for "crimes" related to being sex workers since trans people also face intense employment discrimination and high rates of poverty and homelessness.

Then it confronts a really gross preacher dude (trigger warning for the most rank transphobia) who assumes that all trans people are criminals just waiting to assault us cis people in bathrooms but can't see how that's like assuming all priests are pedophiles.

The funny thing is that the scariest thing about this segment is actually the ad that plays before it. You'll see.

See the whole segment here (or click the link if the video isn't working):



Twitter is currently tackling an issue that is constantly overlooked, even in feminist circles. It's about STI's an the stigma attached to having conditions like herpes that can't be cured. Stigma around HIV has been discussed, but what about the conditions that aren't life threatening but basically get you labeled as a sexual deviant? Or, if you're a woman, any number of gender-based, whorephobic slurs?

I myself haven't thought much on this issue at all, being one of the lucky ones with no indication of an STI. But it's definitely true that my lack of illness associated with sexual contact has nothing to do with integrity or intelligence or any positive attribute. In fact, my low number of sexual partners has everything to do with my mental illness. And I regret that said mental illness prevented me from having a lot of experiences that could have helped me grow as a person. I don't at all think of myself as better than those who weren't hampered by fear and trauma and who had the self-confidence, self-love, and adventurous spirit to do what they wanted to do.

One of the tweets I've seen under this tag pointed out that herpes, a highly stigmatized STI, is nothing more than a skin condition. And it's true! All it does is create some bumps or sores sometimes. I have eczema and I get little skin sore things on my skin if I don't change my bath pouf often enough. Does that make me a gross, immoral person? Sometimes I get ingrown pubic hairs that cause a painful bump near my genitals. Am I disgusting?

As always, STI's carry far more stigma for women than men, because men are allowed to sleep around and women are not. Nevermind the fact that you don't have to have sex to get an STI and you can get one from having sex with just one person who either didn't know or lied about it. And as we should all know, condom use is not 100 percent effective. But regardless, the vast majority of STI's are no big deal and none of them should carry any kind of stigma. You don't stigmatize people for catching colds, so don't stigmatize people for catching gonorrhea. Stop shitting on women for having sex.

Also this:

Ouch, that's gotta hurt, sex shamers.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gif of the Day

Makes sense.



Unsurprisingly yet enragingly, the judge in the case of Kesha vs. Dr. Rapist threw out Kesha's complaint. He also decided that because she didn't want to lie about not being raped in exchange for her freedom, she must be lying about it. It makes even less sense than what usually comes out of rape apologist old male judges.

But it sounds like not all is lost.

In tossing out the majority of the abuse claims against Sony, Dr. Luke, and his recording companies, Judge Shirley Werner Kornreich on Wednesday found that even if what Kesha alleged did occur, either it didn’t happen in New York or the statute of limitations had passed.

If it didn't happen in the state of New York, maybe she can bring up the case again in another court. It still fucking sucks because she has to essentially start again, dragging out this process even further, spending more money, and further watching her career wither away because she can't make music. However, there is a case at least pending in California. Also, there should not be a statute of limitations on rape and abuse. We need to get rid of that.

The piece of shit judge also said:

“Although Gottwald’s alleged allegations were directed at Kesha, who is female, the [counterclaims] do not allege that Gottwald harbored animus toward women or was motivated by gender animus when he allegedly behaved violently toward Kesha,” the judge wrote. “Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime.”

No, just the ones where a man rapes a woman. The vast majority of rapes are committed by men against women. This is a clear pattern based on gender. You don't have to be a completely overtly sexist dick for it to be a hate crime.


Korneich also cited what she said were deficiencies in Kesha’s allegations of intentional infliction of emotional distress, writing that “claims of insults about her value as an artist, her looks, and her weight are insufficient to constitute extreme, outrageous conduct intolerable in civilized society.”

Because I'm sure this judge has the expertise necessary to decide whether verbal and emotional abuse has real abuse. This is just another old man proclaiming that emotional abuse isn't real. But if Dr. Luke had physically hit her, it would be a different story. This is how so many abusers get away with their actions.

Judge Korneich can go fuck himself so hard. He's a complete piece of shit and doesn't deserve his position. It's time to call for him to step down and not stop until he does or he dies.

GamerGate and the Fear of Change

So I didn't post much yesterday, except for that one on GamerGate hypocrisy. What I did yesterday instead of blogging or working or doing anything worth my time was confront GamerGaters on Twitter. I'd foolishly thought that maybe hypocrisy that stark could, at least, render them silent. Maybe even make them rethink their choices.

But no.

Because harassment isn't harassment, because harassment and threats are criticism, because GamerGate has been threatened in non-related incidents, because various excuses about what gamers are REALLY mad about in terms of the Baldur's Gate expansion with the trans character, because "ethics in gaming journalism," etc.

This is GamerGate's strategy, and it never changes. Deny deny deny, excuse excuse excuse, derail derail derail. It's the worst on Twitter, because to call out GamerGate on this platform means that I'll get mobbed by dozens of GamerGaters all demanding "proof" that the group harassed people while their fellows call me a cunt and talk about me "swallowing the big cumshot of truth" (seriously that happened yesterday). This happens because they have Twitter accounts dedicated to monitoring Twitter for any mention of GamerGate so that they can either retweet whatever I said with a comment or use the period in front of my Twitter handle so that all their little followers can see it on their feeds.

And it's the same every time. I get blamed the second I complain that I'm being mobbed by literally dozens of people all saying the same shit and expecting me to respond because I dared call GamerGate out or even just dared to mention them. They fail to acknowledge that it's not a one-on-one argument situation. It's not me and the original account. The original GamerGate-mention-seeking account steps aside and lets their followers mob me. Then it's me furiously trying to respond to 30 different assholes.

And here's the kicker. Every person I don't respond to considers themselves in their minds to be the "winner" because I couldn't respond, or they openly declare this to be so. And it doesn't matter than I could have easily responded to their boring, unoriginal "arguments" easily if it had just been them tweeting at me. But it's literally dozens of people and I can't possibly hold real discussions with this many people at once.

They know this. They do this all the time. They can't possibly be ignorant of it. It makes my arguments suffer because I can't even stop to think. I'm feverishly typing, replying, going through the dozens of notifications. And part of that is my fault, because I have this need to defend myself and the thought that they'll smugly think they've beat me with complete shit arguments just because I didn't respond drives me up the wall. Again, it's that reenactment of trauma and disempowerment. But I think a lot of people respond the same way, and GamerGaters take advantage of it. Refusal to respond or blocking is then used as further "evidence" that they're right and everyone else is wrong.

This in itself is a calculated campaign, and it is harassment. Having your mentions flooded with people being assholes to you, whether it's calling you a cunt or being a condescending, smug piece of shit, not treating you like a human, piling on when you most certainly know there are multiple of your fellows doing the same - that's harassment. And it happens every single time I mention GamerGate by name on Twitter.

All of this went through my head last night as I was going to bed, still frustrated at yet another unproductive Twitter war that was me vs. the mob for hours. Then a thought occurred to me that was quite comforting, especially due to the fact that I've been trying to grasp the attitude behind GamerGaters and other bigots for a long time.

It's just the fear of change. That classic, human, desperate desire to push back the tide. Digging in their heels with all their strength, pushing out that voice of reason that's telling them they can't stop progress. They're like rocks trying to resist the slow erosion by water, but it's impossible. And how disempowering must that feel to them? I completely understand. The distress and discomfort I experience when I feel like I can't stop something I don't want to happen is, and there really is no better word for this, maddening. It scratches at my brain with sharp nails, it digs into my mind, like an extremely high pitched whine that I can't escape from.

That's what they're feeling, seeing a medium they could use to hide from the inevitability of change in itself begin to change drastically. It's not longer a haven for disempowered white cishet dudes. That change has yet again reached them, and it drives them to completely maladaptive behaviors in a desperate attempt to protect themselves.

Brace yourselves, I'm about to quote a song.

As said by the Reverend Maynard (yes I'm one of those):

"Fear not the movement
Of the heavens above
Or the earth below
For change is what we are, my child 
Righteous are those who look up
And sway with the wind!
Who look down and dance
With the shifting of the soil
Who swim with the movement of the tides
Who seek the truth around them and discover
We are and have always been in paradise
The reflections of heaven on earth, amen!" 
And she spoke again, saying
"Know, my child, that there is no devil
Seeking to corrupt the hearts of men
No evil, save blind faith, ignorance
And the desire for the unprepared
To blame others for the devastation
Left in the wake of change 
Change, my child, changes in the heavens
Changes on this earth, changes all around us! 
And we are reflections of the divine
We must roll with these changes
For we are these changes 
Eyes wide open, we must look upon the heavens
As a mirrorWide awake, aware, deeply breathing 
And when the shit comes down
My child, you will be there!
A true and holy survivor!
To inherit the kingdom of God!


GamerGate, my friends, is just a flag for the unprepared to gather under and blame others for the holy devastation left in the wake of change.

It's always gonna be sour grapes for you, boys. Until you get right with Jesus!